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Thread: pegasus living moon

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Quote Originally Posted by Linda Brown View Post
    Pimander... you said

    If Linda could provide a few documents it would put my mind at rest. I concede that she may be who she says.

    How EXACTLY do I take that? I have provided all of the " proof" that you are going to get from me. When you ask me if I was born in California.... you truly embarass yourself. And I am interested to see why I need to worry personally about " putting your mind at rest."

    Its not my fault that you boys have been asleep at the switch.

    This is Burley Shassey belting out ....I am what I am.
    And You lovely lady are what You are....classy.

    Maybe You should use that song as Your signature?

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Oh! I do like the color of her outfit! Wish I could hear it Hobbit. Perhaps someday if I ever update my system.

    Right now my little hampsters are looking at that and saying " You are kidding, right?"

    Thanks Hobbit for the kind thoughts. Linda

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    This is from one of the Cosmic-Tokens researchers....dcooper. You all want to see what is being done " out there regarding Dads work. Just do your good homework, as Dylan here has

    • View topic - Electrogravitic propulsion and analogue to Warp Drive

    I will post a few snippets here in a while. I congratulate you Dylan on finding that and I appreciate it very much. Linda

    editing in....

    Abstract: Experiments performed with high voltage single and parallel plate electric capacitors indicated a net external force acting upon the capacitor mass. The observed tendency was that the charged capacitor consistently moved in an upward direction. However, the force could not be directly associated with the interaction of the electric and magnetic fields of the earth; the results were extremely anomalous. For the parallel plate capacitors, it was shown that the upward motion is proportional to the amount of electrical potential energy stored in the electrostatic field of the capacitor. A rigorous theoretical discussion is not presented since a complete understanding of the results was not attainable. Preliminary data analysis is presented.
    Comparisons are made with an ionic lifting grid to formulate a basic hypothesis for the
    capacitors’ motion.
    Keywords: high-voltage capacitors, nonlinear field effects, anomalous forces, electrogravitics

    Read more... its very interesting
    Last edited by Linda Brown; November 15th, 2012 at 09:06 AM.

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    And then this


    "Additionally, the direction of the force apparently could not be attributed to Coulomb’s Law in relation to a negatively charged earth and a positively or negatively charged capacitor.
    The magnitude of the force acting upon the capacitor was also several orders of magnitude stronger than that theorized by Coulomb’s Law.
    The unique feature of this force was its relation to motion and energy. It was revealed that the upward force was proportional to the amount of electrical energy that was stored between the capacitor plates. From this it was shown that the upward vertical motion was
    created by the direct use of potential energy and not from kinetic energy. According to this energy theory, the capaciforce could potentially work in a vacuum. Additionally, further extrapolation indicates that the capacitors could become self-levitating if sufficient energy is available

    All this yammering about where I was born.... and information like this is out there? Really Pimander. Linda
    Last edited by Linda Brown; November 15th, 2012 at 09:10 AM.

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    and then this last bit.... in between enough information to provide a clear view of what they have done

    "As to the original problem regarding this phenomenon, we can conclude that current
    electromagnetic laws cannot effectively account for the movement and the force is not
    characteristic of normal electrostatic effects. The exact nature of the force cannot yet be
    explained. More experiments must be performed to provide more concrete evidence into the
    nature of the force. However, the force has been shown to be reproducible and follow an energy

    Anyone reading this should be able to deduce how very important this work is. Linda
    The exact nature of the force cannot yet be

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    This is really not off the subject of the things that we have covered here on this thread but you might have to look hard to see it.

    Global Security sent this note out.... and since the DOD has been mentioned recently I thought this might be important to someone

    In response, we have brought forward a new and important element of this cooperation by signing a Memorandum of Understanding on the relocation and establishment of a jointly-operated US C-Band space surveillance radar at the Harold E. Holt Naval Communication Station in Western Australia. We have also decided to work towards the relocation of a highly advanced US Space Surveillance Telescope to Australia. The relocation of these capabilities will strengthen the US global Space Surveillance Network’s ability to track space assets and debris, and contribute to the global public good by making this information publically available and providing satellite operators around the world with warnings of possible collisions between space objects, thereby reducing the danger posed by space debris.

    The relocation and joint operation of these assets is a demonstration of our commitment to closer space cooperation, and builds upon the Space Situational Awareness Partnership established between Australia and the United States at AUSMIN in 2010.

    We affirmed our commitment to strengthening our capacity to contribute to integrated civil-military operations, recognising the increasing complexity of the kinds of contingencies that we continue to face together and with other partners. Such investment in bilateral preparedness reinforces our combined capacity to respond effectively with other partners to disasters, humanitarian emergencies and fragile and conflict-affected states across the Asia Pacific and globally.

    We affirmed our intent to:

    -- continue to implement the US force posture initiatives in an incremental and considered manner;

    -- continue to plan our participation in a regional humanitarian and disaster relief exercise to be hosted by Indonesia in 2013, which will enhance our ability to respond and work together in the region in the event of a humanitarian or natural disaster;

    -- continue exploring opportunities for cooperation on Indian Ocean security matters;

    -- continue to progress implementation of the Defence Trade Cooperation Treaty as a means to increase cooperation between Australian and US defence industries and enhance interoperability on joint operations and exercises, recognising that the legislation needed to implement the Treaty has been passed by the Australian Parliament;

    -- relocate a US C-Band space surveillance radar to Western Australia in 2014, where it will track space assets and debris, and contribute to the safety and security of space-based systems on which we rely and will increase coverage of space objects in the southern hemisphere;

    -- complement the C-Band space surveillance radar capability by working towards the relocation of an advanced US space surveillance telescope to Australia, and explore ways to better leverage Australian space surveillance capabilities for combined benefit, as next steps under the Space Situational Awareness Partnership signed in 2010;

    -- discuss the possible establishment of a Combined Communications Gateway in Western Australia, which would provide both Australia and the United States greater access to the Wideband Global Satellite communications constellation in which we are partners. The discussions follow the signature of a Military Satellite Communications Partnership Statement of Principles in 2008;

    -- consult as the United States develops the phased adaptive approach to ballistic missile defence, which will allow missile defence to be adapted to the threats unique to the Asia Pacific;

    -- continue our cooperation to build a more detailed understanding of regional ballistic missile threats and cooperative research on technologies to counter such threats, and options for practical cooperation in this area; and

    -- strengthen and regularise whole-of-government participation in the Talisman Sabre exercise with a strong Australian and US civilian agency participation in future exercises to complement the high levels of defence cooperation and interoperability demonstrated in the activity.

    AUSMIN 2013

    The United States offered to host the next AUSMIN meeting in 2013.

    Defense.gov News Release: AUSMIN 2012 Joint Communiqué

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    And what else might they be worried about? As Mr. Twigsnapper told me once......" Its not the " entities" that are here and have been here that you need to worry about. Its being ready for the " Incoming".


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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Linda I found another website......but it is not an experiment it's an article. And I joined this after noon. -dcooper

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Quote Originally Posted by Linda Brown View Post
    And what else might they be worried about? As Mr. Twigsnapper told me once......" Its not the " entities" that are here and have been here that you need to worry about. Its being ready for the " Incoming".

    From the South????

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    How nice to see you Dylan.

    Ummm... Hobbit... I think that we have missed a cog. <g>

    He told me once that there were " Entities" that were " out there" that didn't give a rip about human kind.... and as soon as they realize that we have started to " broadcast" on the Universal band, shall I call it... they will come to investigate. The fact that humans Twigsnapper said , are inherently agressive and warlike.... is a trait that just might save everyone... so on one hand while the " Entities" have been here trying to teach us to be more like them....( some might call them our " better angels"..Our own " Deer in the Forrest).. without the ability to counter an incoming agressive force... we could all be.... toast. So its a duel road here...

    It would be just great if we could just " blink out"................ but between now and then...what if "they" get here before we are ready. I think that red light that Mikado talked about a very long time ago has already gone off ...............somewhere...............


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