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Thread: pegasus living moon

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    So Raymond. Do you see the possibilities now for a fruitful development of what you have been seeing? We might need this. Linda

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Quote Originally Posted by Linda Brown View Post
    How nice to see you Dylan.

    Ummm... Hobbit... I think that we have missed a cog. <g>

    He told me once that there were " Entities" that were " out there" that didn't give a rip about human kind.... and as soon as they realize that we have started to " broadcast" on the Universal band, shall I call it... they will come to investigate. The fact that humans Twigsnapper said , are inherently agressive and warlike.... is a trait that just might save everyone... so on one hand while the " Entities" have been here trying to teach us to be more like them....( some might call them our " better angels"..Our own " Deer in the Forrest).. without the ability to counter an incoming agressive force... we could all be.... toast. So its a duel road here...

    It would be just great if we could just " blink out"................ but between now and then...what if "they" get here before we are ready. I think that red light that Mikado talked about a very long time ago has already gone off ...............somewhere...............

    There is some entity zooming in here with no regard for humans....then the hobbit will become a very war like little hobbit.
    They had best watch their achilles heel?

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    If they have them! Achilles heels that is. I am sure, lacking that.... an angry Hobbit would find something else to rip into!!!!

    Theoretically speaking.... If that scenario rang true. How do you manage to develop a weapon which would be able to match whatever THEY might be armed with and Do it in secret.... You would catch THEM totally by surprise (because of course, that technology has other features and would not have been apparent to their surveillance.... they would be looking for its use ( I think also that they would investigate before attacking... but my thought is that they would come to the conclusion that we are all slow and stupid......and never see the blow coming that would terminally cripple them.)

    But how do you keep other humans from getting that technology ahead of time?.... using it on themselves?..... and ... whats worse.... divulging its existance so that the element of surprise is terminally lost on the Invading forces.

    How would you consider someone who would be willing to sell that technology away from that primary purpose?

    There are very few times where I can truly understand my Dads frame of mind when he beat his fist on Admiral Rameys desk.... " The loss of security in this case is tatamount to TREASON!" he said.

    Hypothetically speaking, of course. Linda

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Quote Originally Posted by Linda Brown View Post
    All this yammering about where I was born.... and information like this is out there? Really Pimander. Linda
    Pretty sure he got that timeline from Qualight hard for your mom to be in two places at the same time

    Oh! what a tangled web we weave... When first we practice to deceive! - Walter Scott

    But yeah we get it... you won't prove who you are... gotcha No surprise there

    Bubye now... enjoy your created matrix

    I feel sad for dcooper though, the poor kid is getting sucked in and will end up ruining his career before it even starts
    Last edited by Exterminator; November 15th, 2012 at 04:47 PM.

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Exterminator.....Jee, I sorta miss the ta tas. Linda

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Quote Originally Posted by Linda Brown View Post
    Pimander... you said

    If Linda could provide a few documents it would put my mind at rest. I concede that she may be who she says.

    How EXACTLY do I take that? I have provided all of the " proof" that you are going to get from me. When you ask me if I was born in California.... you truly embarass yourself. And I am interested to see why I need to worry personally about " putting your mind at rest."

    Its not my fault that you boys have been asleep at the switch.

    Take it like this: I am ashamed I didn't ask sooner. I knew "Linda Brown" was born in California most likely.

    You don't have to put my mind at rest. Or anyone reading this. However, you are claiming to be Doc Brown's daughter so I want proof. Call me crazy but anyone reading this with half a brain can see that it a reasonable request to make of someone selling her biography.

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Oh please Pimander. You know everything about me including my favorite dogs name. You know where I buy hay... You know all the answers to the little silly questions you have been asking and I have played along with you because I thought that you were trying to ease into some sort of communications here. Perhaps open a real door.... But you are not. This is all part of your own silly game and I am not interested in playing any more.

    I am Linda Brown, daughter of Townsend Brown. Prove that I am not.

    You should be ashamed that you didn't ask alot of questions alot sooner .... it would have shown you that the people under you have been asleep at the wheel....Must be embarassing. Next time you sign up on a contract..... get better help.


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    Re: pegasus living moon

    This is an excellent observation Lady of Light....
    Pimander, I don't know why you are so worried about their argument on MY site. You removed it from yours and got your forum back to the research forum it is meant to be, have you not?

    Have they actually gotten back to quality discussions of science? Is that what they were really interested in? They call themselves a Research Group... I know one or two over there but have you noticed that everyone has actually sort of " clammed up". Nobodys announcing anything and now we have two members ( actually three with Mikado over here trying to tell us how I have 'erred" in his direction. Why should any of you care??? WHY?.... WHY are they spending the time trying to get everybody watching what is happening here? It could be a diversion? That was one of the things that I thought of.

    Oddly " The Rain on the Window papers speaks of that.... warns of diversions and " Strange " fogs of perceptions". So on one hand I am beginning to see much more clearly what those papers were trying to tell me.... because I am NOW actually watching it all being played out in front of me. I didn't actually realize that until you used that phrase yourself Lady of Light.... that whatever this was.... it has to be played out.And thats exactly what is happening. The most wondrous thing is that now that I see it more clearly the tension and agravation that I had with me seems to have left.

    I walked around the MentalPhysics grounds today and had a very odd reaction. Suddenly I got really shakey and almost physically ill... I couldn't stay there. as soon as I was away.... I was alright.

    I think the next time I will go with Jan and see how she reacts.... though she has friends there in the bookstore so this must be a reaction that is specific to me.... or maybe it was just something that I ate which disagreed with me. I have only felt this kind of feeling once before and that was out at Giant Rock. I suddenly had the same feeling of high anxiety. What the heck does that mean?

    Then I come " home" to read all of this nonsense from Mikado and Pimander and tata less Exterminator and it seems so ridiculous that I have to sort of laugh at myself for allowing any interaction at all. There is so much more to do...And not a whole lot of time to get it done.

    Ah, the games afoot Watsonia.
    So much for 'light workers' and 'truth seekers' here... its just another sham site seeking hit counts. Well that was how GLP got to where they are today too... and ATS... so I guess you reap what you sow...

    No, actually those are splendid examples of sites that were intentionally " brought down" and silenced.
    They never saw what was happening.

    " Linda

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Quote Originally Posted by Exterminator View Post
    I feel sad for dcooper though, the poor kid is getting sucked in and will end up ruining his career before it even starts
    Exterminator do not feel sorry for me I believe Linda is Thomas Browns Daughter. Where else did she got all the photos, information, Notebooks and how does she know Thomas Brown very well, if she is not related to Thomas Brown in any way then why would she get this information, clearly Thomas Brown would not pick a random person to give all his info. I think what is happening is just some people are blind with hatred and are trying so hard discredit Linda. In the comic forum Linda said "I have proposed to Zorgon that we meet in person in Vegas....If some of what I have written above is a misunderstanding or I am totally mistaken then he can explain it to me then..and I will publically post an apology. But nothing short of a face to face meeting will do......I think that meeting is only fair and in it I want him to explain why suddenly he has decided that I have to prove my own credibility to him........... in any way. Its time for tit for tat I think. He can prove himself to me too.....if he can.......I don't mind the trip to Vegas.....lets see if Zorgon wants to just continue to take pot shots at me from a safe distance or is bold enough to go face to face." Which is in the Regarding the HUT and Mikado III page 11. -dcooper
    Last edited by dcooper; November 16th, 2012 at 07:43 AM.

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Thank you for your clarity of vision Dylan. You and many others are the wave of the future and there is nothing any random malcontent or intentional disinformation experts can do about it. The ship has sailed for warmer waters and the frozen seas that they represent have been left behind.

    I asked Dad what he would do if he had owned the " Resolute" and he just smiled and said " I would have sailed South with a good crew".... and that folks is exactly what we are doing here.


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