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Thread: pegasus living moon

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Quote Originally Posted by Linda Brown View Post
    Fine Mikado. What do you have to say here regarding the Living Moon? Or Pegasus? Linda
    If I say anything in regard to the Living Moon, it will be within a post I start and not in a post that is a rebuttal to you.


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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Thats fair enough.

    I was just looking over the section that they have put aside for conversations about Townsend Brown. THATS A LAUGH! They have dubbed it the Mikado Brown Civil War.... they haven't had a single post since sometime in August and its just filled with comments posted by Mikado. He was like a cold winter blast over there.... freezing everything he touched.

    Of course look at the company that he was keeping. Zorgon is saying now that he needs the energy that " Trolls" provide to keep conversations going. And they are worried apparently about increasing their chances of making some kind of income at the site. Curious to see how all of that will go.

    Of course this is the crowd that charged that I needed to PROVE that Townsend Brown even had a daughter. It would be hysterical if it wasn't so darned sad.

    And Zorgon is worried about others " stealing" his " Space Command" ideas.

    I have news for him. The information is out there. All he ( or anyone else with have a brain) has to do is do the proper research... of course if Zorgon allows himself to be derailed along the way... and lets himself be drawn into spending so much time trying to sideline me... he might have made some progress.

    But now who is going to take him seriously if Exterminator is representative of his " research crew". Linda


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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Since this is a post about the Pegasus/ Living Moon site I am going to restate this message which was posted earlier.... Zorgon has seen fit to disappear entirely from this discussion... and Exterminator too.... which tells us what about their agenda here?

    I will restate my offer. Zorgon. I will meet you in Vegas.... face to face.... and I will bring with me whatever you feel you need to prove to yourself that I am indeed Linda Brown, daughter of T. Townsend Brown.

    But you have to also prove to me who you actually are and why you actually even deserve this kind of attention to be paid to you. Your website? Is that supposed to be your " ticket".... I think that it may have been already punched by forces way beyond your control. You isolated the Townsend Brown discussions in what you so laughingly called the Mikado Brown Civil War... and now your entire effort seems to be centered over there on generating income for yourself..... I misunderstood perhaps when I thought that you were interested in research.

    Anyone.... as your daughter points out.... can claim to be anyone on the internet. I am willing to present myself in a manner which will leave no doubt as to my history or my agenda. What about you Zorgon? Surely by now you have proven to yourself that I am who I have claimed to be. Why haven't you followed through on your word about that apology> Did you think that I would forget? You obviously don't know me that well, do you?


    Here is the original post from this same thread.

    "Exterminator and Zorgon,

    I restate my suggestion that we meet in Las Vegas some time in December. Exterminator..... by then I hope that you will be better informed about my Dads life and what we are all actually talking about here and maybe you will be able to see.... just as Hobbit has suggested. that I am who I am.... no one else.....

    But the question that I have NOW for you and your Dad is this.

    If you don't really CARE about Townsend Browns life and development then why has it been so important to put so much energy in this strange little dance that we have done for the last couple of weeks? Why the rude responses to me ( I don't really care what you choose to say in defense of your actions.... deciding without any clear information that someones own identity is fake.... just because you feel like saying that.... is .....rude..... or agenda driven. thats my personal opinion. You are entitled to yours. Was it simply that you felt like bickering for the fun of it.... or was this something that someone encouraged you to do.... Can you share that with us? Which was it with you?

    And if you and your Dad had an agenda to make me look bad and to encourage people to question my very existence then I think that I have the right to wonder publically ..... WHY?.... Don't I?

    I am willing to show up in Vegas with anything that you feel that you might need to see to prove who I am. What are you willing to do to get to the truth of what has been going on around both of us?

    Your opinion of me changed the minute that you had any dealings with Mikado and I have to wonder if you were not " playing to his fiddle" from that moment on.

    No one else seems to have the invested energy to care about doing that kind of thing except Mikado.... and then suddenly you Zorgon. You .... who told me that he could handle threats from those like Mikado..... and suddenly YOU turn on me?..... questioning my own authority in this matter?....... which.............. to some........... would be questionable behavior. Am I right?

    I have said that many of the things that you both have said here sort of wreaks of the Mikado "essence"

    Sort of like the ferrets that you like so much.( Can't blame you, cute!) Everyone should know that they are ferrets. Even washed up they still have that whiff of ferret about them. Surely you got a strong enough dose of the Mikado scent to know what he was..... and yet.... for some reason.... you let him influence you so strongly that you actually guestioned whether Townsend Brown was my father..... and Exterminator.... were you the one who started this first or were you just backing up your Dad?

    I just would like to hear from you what was going on in your mind. Can you share some of that with us?

    Lady of Light has seen the Mikado web..... and the flashing from light to dark. Have you?


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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Linda Brown,
    You may not have been as aware of something as I was.
    The reason been it was Myself that was attacked very early on by John Lear.
    It was on a thread related to the moon.
    I tried to explain why the moons surface is at a different TIME relative to the Earths .
    He came on telling Me to clear off, right out of the blue as such.
    I KNEW I had hit a nerve.

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Yes Hobbit... it was interesting the red buttons that we seemed to push. You mentioned the surface of the moon in relation to TIME and I mention the " Boys at Watsonia" ( which is a Naval communications center for satellites in deep space) and got almost a freaked out response. Someone close said to me that they all resembled the anxiety displayed by a bunch rats in a lab fire......And I was " let go" almost immediately though to be truthful I believe that the " Mikado-Brown Civil war" was something that they devised themselves..... Goodness.... one of the posters actually said... ( In my greeting.... "The Boys from Watsonia Barracks say hello".... that his LIFE had been threatened! Where did he get that from a simple hello unless there was alot going on there that I was not privy to? I just relayed the message but my goodness!... it certainly eleicited a response!.

    So I submit that what you see going on at the Pegasus Living Moon Site is NOT AT ALL what is presented..... otherwise the response on the Watsonia remark would have been..." What?"

    Last edited by Linda Brown; December 26th, 2012 at 07:33 PM.

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Apparently doubts about John Lear and his agenda ( and the people surrounding him have gone on for quite some time. Note the message from " Desertfae" here who had a very personal reason for checking John out. Her father was killed in some sort of connection with the Cabazon Indian reservation/PROMIS scandal.... I wish that she would get back to us all and let us know where her research finally took her.... but this lady had a clear agenda... wanting justice.... I throw a rose of appreciation and regard in her direction.

    Welcome to the Parallel Universe • View topic - PEOPLE & PLACES & DATES desertfae on Wed Jul 23, 2008 1:38 am

    Ok, I got word back, if you want to come up with a small list of questions for Michael Riconosciuto, arrangements can be made to get those to him.
    I saw some talk of John Lear mentioned... I have to throw my two cents in here because I confronted him.
    When I was first starting to investigate stuff around my dad's murder I had posted on a forum that Lear used to be at (many of you probably know which one). He made a point to comment. I had no clue who he was and pretty much just ignored him, until a few months later someone told me to be careful of him.
    I then emailed him in a private message on this site and got a response where he admitted he is CIA and mentioned his connection to Robert Booth Nichols. That was enough to make me look into who this guy was... long story short, he tried to deny that his "bob nichols" was the same person... and after much prodding I was able to get him to admit that they are the same person, that he flew the weapons over to Iran in the Iran-contra affair, that he stored RBN's weapons in his vegas home, and got him to post two pictures of them together.
    My own opinion of the guy is that he's bad news.. his UFO stuff, just a distraction to keep people from looking at the real issues. I believe there is something out there, but I don't believe that John Lear is what he says he is... at all.

    And I second that thought. Linda

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    This just " showed up" on my screen and I guess that I am supposed to put it here. I feel alot like a traffic cop at Dupont Circle. Don't ask me why I said that. I honestly don't know! I hope someone gets something from this.......... Linda

    Destiny Matrix

    Both Fred and I got divorced about same time ~ 1971 and we were room mates. I was too young for that job and was bored and wanted adventure which came soon enough from the CIA with the strange events in 1973 at SRI Remote Viewing Project described in my book - 20 years after the strange 1953 encounter - very uncanny - real X-Files sort of Twilight Zone High Strangeness. I had volunteered for CIA in 1963 in wake of the JFK assassination and was interviewed near UCLA in 1963 though I never heard anything explicitly from that interview. My encounter with Dennis Bardens of British Intelligence in 1974

    "Dr Sarfatti, it is my duty to inform you of a psychic war raging across the continents between the Soviet Union and your country and you are to be in the thick of it."

    - in conjunction with the Uri Geller tests at Birkbeck etc are also clearly relevant as was my working at UKAEA with Marshall Stoneham in 1966. Then going to Trieste at Abdus Salam's invitation in 1973-74 was no accident. Ask Fred Alan Wolf about his visit to me in Trieste with his ending up in Bulgaria in an affair with the daughter of the local KGB police chief there. Both Fred and I were in Croatia for a day at Ljublana Institute for Nuclear Physics then as well. Trieste of course had many physicists from the Soviet Bloc there that I was in daily contact with. See Andrija Puharich in
    :: Staya Erusa :: movie on CIA & SRI. I am in that movie with Uri Geller, Brian Josephson, Colin Wilson, Colonel John Alexander ...

    FPG was basically a spin-off of PCRG organized by Elizabeth Rauscher. We had all the money from est and from George Koopman's Insgroup in Huntington Beach a DOD contractor with US Army Tank Command and USAF. Also we had money from UFO advocate Laurance Rockefeller's mistress Jean Lanier (widow of founder of a large engineering company Stone Webster) who set us up on two floors across from the Episcopal Church on top of Nob Hill. There is a SF Chronicle article about Brian Josephson's visit there with his new wife when he went to visit Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ at SRI about the remote viewing (i.e. "signal nonlocality" beyond orthodox quantum theory).

    The main thing we did was the Esalen Month in Jan 1976 I think that Gary Zukav writes about in Dancing Wu Li Masters. I brought David Finkelstein there and that's how he met Werner Erhard leading to the big est physics conferences described by Lenny Susskind with Feynman, Gell-Mann, Wheeler, Hawking, Coleman, I think Kip Thorne et-al. I had met David at Yeshiva visiting Lenny Susskind. Finkelstein also worked with Ken Shoulders and Hal Puthoff at a company set up by the Fried Chicken guy William Church as a result of the Esalen month.
    We had seminars at the facility on Nob Hill with the Rockefeller-Lanier money.

    Were there other people besides Erhard who helped pay for the PCRG activities and/or your research?

    As I said George Koopman & Jean Lanier (with Laurance Rockefeller in the background calling our Nob Hill place to talk to Jean who kept a room there. Koopman had apparently been keeper of the Weird Desk at DIA before leaving to set up Insgroup. He came from the NY Times family somehow. Big obit on him in NT Times when he suspiciously was killed in auto "accident" on his way to test a rocket at Edwards AFB. George was a "spook" who managed Tim Leary when Nixon let him out of prison. Leary was sent to PCRG in Esalen right from prison. Note also my connection to a Nixon personal advisor Robert Dickson Crane through his daughter Maiti in 1979-80. Crane involved with Herman Kahn Hudson Institute and Minsky at MIT. Crane also advisor to Saudi Royals and he converted to Islam and became first US Army Muslim Chaplain I think (from Maiti). Crane told me that my "signal nonlocality" corresponded to "Tauhid" in Islam metaphysics.

    Edit: I think this is straying a long way from Lear (except for Ingo Swann's claims to have gone UFO-spotting with intelligence agents in a custom modified Lear Jet), so it might be an adjacent hole. It just happens to be a personal interest of mine. But this page seems to have a pretty good summary of a lot of the interesting psi/physics researchers and their intertwining with military/intelligence interests:


    Re John Lear, I can't help but think of him in association with 'Morgan'. Same generation, a father-son sort of thing going on. Which end of the octopus reef did Morgan end up in? Different teams, same game?
    Last edited by natecull on Wed Jul 23, 2008 3:26 am, edited 1 time in total.
    It's a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Quote Originally Posted by Linda Brown View Post
    It's a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey
    Yes, yes it is.
    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    I don't even know where these messages originated from....I suspect its from the ttbrown.com Forum ( Paul Schatzkins Forum because nate cull was one of his forum members and the sign off is his.....

    All the way through " Its a big ball of wibbly-wobby timey-wimey " is Nate writing.....

    My contribution to every thing here ends with my name in the introduction.

    Is this wringing any bells for anyone? I am interested that he would ask if Morgan ended up in the same " game " perhaps but different team? I sense that " Morgan" has ALWAYS been on my Dads team..... what ever that was....and maybe I have him to thank for this. Linda

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    I notice that the second link doesn't go through. Anybody know anything about " mindcontrolforums?"

    Going to look now I guess.

    Or maybe I am just supposed to concentrate on this quote

    "FPG was basically a spin-off of PCRG organized by Elizabeth Rauscher
    I may just do that and leave all of the rest of this to others who have time and energy for it.....
    Last edited by Linda Brown; December 31st, 2012 at 03:29 PM.

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