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Thread: pegasus living moon

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Ha! Just an indication of things happening around us that we are not always aware of....and I do believe that Zorgons Australian crew over there had somehow crossed someones line of communication. I was simply asked to relay that message " The Boys at Watsonia Barracks say hello...." But did you notice how those on the Pegasus site reacted. One of them even declared that his LIFE HAD BEEN THREATENED. Now I would like to credit this to rampant paranoia on his part.... because its been my understanding that when you are REALLY in trouble with the guys that are tough guys.... they don't threaten people..... they either act, or they don't.

    But that entire group sure acted as if they had been caught in the middle of a spotlight doing something that perhaps wasn't entirely " kosher".

    I had expressed concerns to Pimander in a private message regarding some things that I noticed in Matrixs messages...I didn't want to post my thoughts on the open Forum because I did not think that it was proper... Pimander was an administrator and I thought that I had a better raport with him.... and at the time I had an interest developing in a visit to Australia.....so when it came in my direction I didn't think that it was uncalled for for me to send that message to them that was given to me to convey.

    But they took it SO SERIOUSLY that I have to think now that something was going on behind the scenes and they were caught at it. As I said.... I don't know what it was..I was just the messenger in this case..... don't care to know....but just judging by the reactions which also are captured here. The Zorgon group reacted in a very strong emotional way! ....

    Pimander said here that he didn't remember that initial exchange with me.... so I don't know if my message actually even reached him or Zorgon intercepted it.... I then got a long and rambling message from Zorgon about how my interaction with Mikado was a disruptive influence on his group ( Mikado? I hadn't even mentioned Mikado when I told Pimander about my worries over Matrixes strange messages...)

    So yes..... I am pleased that I was not in their situation because obviously " The Boys from Watsonia Barracks were on to what was happening .... I would not want them on the wrong side of me because when you are safeguarding satellite security.... I think that you would tend to take your job seriously.

    Pimander said that he would be back once he figured I was who I said I was.... Linda Brown... daughter of Thomas Townsend Brown.... but where is he? And where is Zorgon and his " attack rabbit" Exterminator.... thats a scarey Avatar... I meant to tell her... is it indicative of her personality? I would like to think that we pick Avatars which represent us. What is Exterminator saying?

    And why is it that it became so important for that crew to actually follow me over here to sling the thoughts that they shared so freely here? Was that some sort of retaliation on their part? It didn't work.

    So I agree with you Gemini.....I would not trade " enemies" here with Zorgon and crew if they have tangled with " the Boys from Watsonia Barracks". ........

    Last edited by Linda Brown; February 1st, 2013 at 01:52 PM. Reason: correcting spelling! of course!

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Zorgon himself knows that the Australian Department of Defence has been monitoring his site closely. Why did he think that they were interested in his site at all, I wonder? Is he in control and responsible or is someone doing something behind his back that he needs to recognize? Linda

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Quote Originally Posted by Linda Brown View Post
    Zorgon himself knows that the Australian Department of Defence has been monitoring his site closely. Why did he think that they were interested in his site at all, I wonder? Is he in control and responsible or is someone doing something behind his back that he needs to recognize? Linda
    Here's a picture of them listening, I bet they have BIG EARS, or can relay to BIG EARS???
    Everything goes south.
    108th Signal Squadron - Australian Army

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Linda,who is in charge of the hut,i thought that was your site.

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    NO Gemini. The "HUT" ( ttownsendbrown.com) has never been in my name though I gave it my full support when it started. If you go there and read around you will see that I believed Mikado when he said that his purpose was to assist me in gathering information about my Dads scientific work and to assist me as I finished my memoir about my experiences helping Paul write the biography on my Dad.

    The owner of the site is his girlfriend Kim. All you need to do is read some of the things that she has posted in red ( she says thats her favorite color) regarding me to see where her agenda is.... she is no friend to me and perhaps never has been. In fact now I am beginning to discover that Mikados entire friendship with me was designed to put him into the postition he is now.... in full control of the HUT and able to use it to spew his opinions of my character.... which as you can see by just reading... are not at all complimentary. This was all a plan and I was silly enough to trust .

    I invite all of you to take a look at whatever they have allowed you to see over there. I understand that they have " archived" most of the messages behind another " password" that you have to secure from them before you go further/I don't know what that is all about.... I will not go over there.

    And for months now... I have been requesting ( and then demanding) that they remove my name from the list of members of the HUT. I don't want to be there and I feel ( and I have said) that they are just using my name when it should be quite obvious that I want nothing to do with them or the site though it irks me that there is a website out there with my Dads name on it which is being so disgracefully used.

    So the short answer is NO... its not my website.

    You can find the family archives on the website called thomastownsendbrown.com remember to use my Dads FULL name..... I call it the RESOLUTE in honor of the ship that he loved so much and I consider that site HIS. It has been quiet for awhile because I have not had the time to turn to quality discussions that it deserves but when something solid starts happening you can look there for information.

    Thanks for asking Gemini. I am sure that you are not the only one who wondered about that.

    Spend some time reading some of the information on the HUT that they have chosen to fling out from that site and you will see why I do not want my name attached to it.


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    Re: pegasus living moon

    And Hobbit.... there is this too

    Special Operations Command - Australian Army

    Like I said.

    Hello from the Boys at the Watsonia Barracks.

    No wonder some reacted with the emotional stability of a couple of rats in a fire. <g>


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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Gemini.... since you asked about the Hut... I invite you to read just a little of this thread which can be found there. I think it gives a fair representation of the agenda that Mikado and others around him have marshalled against me.

    Is it not right that I be allowed to ask for my name to be removed from the Hut? Look at all of the reasons that Mikado puts forward to justify his actions! Do ANY of them make sense to any of you?

    Do any of you believe that he has a solid basis for maintaining my membership when I have so repeatedly asked for my name to be removed?

    Perhaps some of you might have an idea why it is so important for Mikado to keep my name attached to the Hut that Kim owns and that he operates. If you do I really would like to hear your thoughts on this.

    Why must I be there? There are no conversations occuring...and neither of them have come even close to being polite or cordial to me... so what is his purpose in holding my name on the membership?.... Linda

    The Quonset Hut &bull; View topic - REMOVE MY NAME

    This may seem slightly off topic since this is a thread entitled " Pegasus Living Moon" but I submit that the same kind of negative agenda that Mikado reflects on the HUT is also found very similarly on Pegasus. And there may be a connection of agendas there too.
    Last edited by Linda Brown; February 1st, 2013 at 10:04 PM.

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    How did this mikado get so much controle...over your dynasty?
    Who is mikado?
    How did you let him infiltratE

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    Quote Originally Posted by ImmortalGemini527 View Post
    How did this mikado get so much controle...over your dynasty?
    Who is mikado?
    How did you let him infiltratE
    Thats a good question Gemini... first though I have to tell you... there is no "dynasty" when it comes to me... I am Townsend Browns daughter... his only surviving child ( my brother Joseph Townsend Brown) was twelve years older but died may years ago... so when Paul Schatzkin presented himself... asking to write a biography of Dad.... I was the person that he talked to. I was hesitant to involve myself in helping him write this biography ( The Parallel Universe of T. Townsend Brown) but I entered into an agreement and we started off really very boldly and at the end of six years he had finished his first draft and also had an active Forum with people who were very interested in what he was doing.....He promised that we would spend alot of time rewriting his first draft because he had drawn much of his story line from me and my personal life... a love affair that I had with a young man who joined my Dads " network".....Paul wrote alot about that....using information that he had gotten from me but he did a pretty good job of gathering the details of my Dads early life and experiences with the Navy etc.... There were people who joined our Forum who were interested in what else might be revealed... and Mikado was one of those individuals. I first got to know him as a Forum member and then later met him as a group of us joined in support of some of the ideas that Dad had promoted in his scientific studies.... Mikado presented himself as the " engineer" who believed that he could build some working prototypes and we all ( in that Group) believed in him and supported him.The " Group" met several times...and I felt that each time that we were making progress in developing something very important..

    . but then suddenly Paul met with Mikado during the late fall of 2008. By January of 2009 Paul basically " threw up his hands" and walked away from the project without any notice to me at all. After a few days he published his unfinished and unedited manuscript and thats what you will find out there now. Of course I was devastated and disappointed. An unedited manuscript was not what I had spent six years helping him write and he had never gotten with me to remove some of the material and story lines that I felt he really had no right to publish.....His contract with me was to write DADS Biography..... not to venture into my private romance with someone who was very special to me.

    Paul shut his Forum down ( ttbrown.com) but some of the members convinced him to put it back up... we had formed into kind of a community and some said they felt that Paul had intentionally run his ship up on a sand bar.... some of them suggested that we start another Forum.... Andrew helped out with his special site for awhile but then Mikado set up the HUT.... telling me that it was going to be "your house"... and I believed him..... I think I had written about 6000 Various messages before I started getting suspicious of things that seemed to be going on behind the scenes. Even Mikado admitted at one point that I didn't know Ninety percent of what he was doing.... and of course I started demanding to know what was going on..... I soon found myself without any administrative powers at all....and soon I couldnt even communicate with the people who had been my companions on the HUT.... Hobbit will remember all of this well..... I realized that a sort of " takeover" had occurred.... so I quickly set up another Forum ( called the Cosmic-Token.... and many of the people that were on the HUT came over and joined me there..... soon afterward I started a site that was especially designed for scientific discussions.... thomastownsendbrown.com ( called the RESOLUTE)..... ever since then Mikado has been rampantly and viciously against me.....as you can see.....

    I have said before that there were TWO Mikados. He dismisses that in some of his messages here.... saying that there was only one.... which is a big disappointment to me because I really liked that first Mikado but I finally understand that was all a mask from the very start. He has positioned himself so that if something " broke" regarding a new development on my Dads work that he would be the one to benefit from it. Thats why he curried my favor.... told me he was my " little brother".... etc. etc. etc... but as you can see.... thats not what his true emotions were.

    I don't think that he expected me to keep going. I truly think that his efforts to discourage Paul were aimed at getting Paul to quit....and he expected me to quit too. That I haven't has been.... obviously.... a really big thorn under his saddle.

    I know that we will hear Mikados side of all of this. But I stand by what I have said here....

    You asked how this all happened? Pretty much the way that I have described. Mikado worked his way into a position with me of trust..... and when he and his " partners" couldn't use me as ( their own words) their "Mascot" and keep me under their control they turned against me.

    Anybody out there have another viewpoint of this. Please step forward... There are always two sides to everything but Gemini.... you asked how this happened and thats the best answer I have right now.

    Why did Mikado do this? Only he really knows and sometimes I think that even he doesn't know. I would like to think that another entity has controlled some of his actions... and that he has simply been a tool in all of this..... but the sadder thought is that he knew all along what he was doing and is totally responsible for his actions. Like I said... I liked the first Mikado so much more. Linda

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    Re: pegasus living moon

    This is a set of information that had been posted to a newsletter for the Pegasus Group. Two members had been sharing information. One of them complained that no one was responding and he asked if anyone out there was listening.... or could in fact even see what he was saying and trying to share.

    I have been getting transcripts of these news letters all along but haven't felt the need to interact until now...

    So here is a copy of what I wrote in reply.....

    "Chris.... why don't you take your conversation here to the Pegasus LivingMoon Forum where it might generate more discussion. You are practically talking to yourself here and those who actually have been reading your words are not going to respond in this venue. Give Pegasus Forum a chance."

    And then a message to Ron.....

    This was the response... or part of it...
    From: "Ron Schmidt" <standauffish@earthlink.net>View contact detailsTo: pegasusgroup@yahoogroups.com
    I see them but they would be more visible on the forum
    But even there has been deathly quiet since 2012 was a fizzle.

    And my response to you Ron is that I have absolutely no sympathy.... You had your chance to interact properly and all you did was a combination of strange actions which just alienated everyone around you. You promised that you would watch my six in regard to Mikado and then you joined forces with him actually against me. It worked out better for me in the long run but it was such a disappointment... and then you sent your daughter attack rabbit over to the Unhypnotize Forum to cause trouble over there... for what purpose.?
    And Pimander?.... I am beginning to think that this was your operation all along .... wasn't it?.... and poor Ron was just used as a vehicle to get you where you wanted to be....
    But that didn't work out all that well again.... did it?.....

    Fizzle? Yes... thats a kind word for it....a Forum that could have burned brightly with a positive flame....was completely doused......from the inside.....

    My offer to meet you Ron still stands.....though I really don't know why.....I feel that your heart is in the right place... problem is finding it again maybe.

    Perhaps you will see how other Forces have used you.?Perhaps you didn't deserve that. Perhaps you have figured by now that I am not the negative force that they all told you I was....
    Linda Brown

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