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Thread: Dear Linda,i am the last prophet 527.The green eyed russian

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    Re: Dear Linda,i am the last prophet 527.The green eyed russian

    Quote Originally Posted by ImmortalGemini527 View Post

    1. How can you see the future without the future already happening before?

    2.Suppose somewhere in time….somebody found the Equation of…‘Reality’ and transformed it into…‘Reality’ but through a computer program of some sort. Could it be possible that, we are all one big highly exotic program?
    I will try to give the simplest answers here because this really doesn't need to get too complex; at least not from my end.

    1. It is merely a possibility, or probability based on what we are currently engrossed in, whether we can see those things we are encapsulated in or not, they are nonetheless there. And since Time doesn't exist, it is perception based on what we think we know.

    2. Yes.

    I know those answers may not help in the immediate, however, if they don't help now, they will.
    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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    Re: Dear Linda,i am the last prophet 527.The green eyed russian

    Quote Originally Posted by Lady of Light View Post
    Sorry, upon first glance I saw nothing more to it than the words on the screen, but then when hobbit and Linda were confused I looked closer and that's what I saw. If I'm wrong, I apologize, but you have to admit, it surely does look like it, and there are no coincidences.

    Just abstracts for the prophet to gleam about.

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    Re: Dear Linda,i am the last prophet 527.The green eyed russian

    Quote Originally Posted by Linda Brown View Post
    Thank you for helping us

    "Translation "I'm mortal <G> am I close?" That means, am I close to the Green Eyed Russian here, or in other words, is he around here do ya think? I'm mortal and really don't know so I have to ask an immortal. "

    I have had the ability to spend some time ON THIS SIDE with the person Gemini refers to as the " Green Eyed Russian". Taking it from the rules that he goes by on THIS side.... You do not go to him or know where to meet him at any one time.... He simply " crosses your path".... So I wish I could help answer your question about whether he is " Near" or not...... I never actually know until I come face to face with him. Linda
    He needs a publicist represented in a four dimensional manifold I think where he can book appointments for being interviewed. I'm sure you, Linda, would have much to ask him.

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    Re: Dear Linda,i am the last prophet 527.The green eyed russian

    Quote Originally Posted by ImmortalGemini527 View Post
    lol.its me buddy...Pat M's friend...?how are you?
    Yupper! You're humble mortal fan on the plain of where only the immortals dwell... message board world.

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    Re: Dear Linda,i am the last prophet 527.The green eyed russian

    In the late 80s I had gone to a friends house for the weakened, and on Saturday, I had been awoken by my friend’s girl friend asking me to go to go with her to a specific meat market that was out of town, it was her first time and she needed me to look at the road and help her.

    We went on to the market and as soon as we walked in, I saw a sign on the top wall that said’99 cent a pound on potatoes’ and that’s….when the dejavue came in, and that’s when for the first time out of 3000 times happening in my life, I just decided to shut up…keep focus, and just love the zone and the rush the normal gets for that 1.2 seconds to 2.2, if lucky in life when you experience a dejavue.

    All my life just like all of your lives when young, we all had hundreds of dejevues for that 1 to 2 seconds. This particular day, it wasn’t the normal dejevuues as I kept calm and went to the very end.

    Copy written by Img527, on December 12th 3012.

    What is a dejavue?

    A dejevue is a Glitch…in the program.

    A dejavue is a time warp of some type.

    A dejevue is a way to your future with out it already happening, and if that’s true than you never had a destiny and you never controlled your life from the beginning of birth.

    A dejavue is a way to your future because your future already has passed, just like a book being read from beginning to end, and than re read over.

    Copy written by Img527

    After the 4.7 second upload, I had found out that a girl is suppose to drop some kool aid packages out the back of her cart.

    After the upload uploaded, I decided to keep my mouth shut as I went to go get a another cart to follow her, and as soon as we get around the first aisle of the grocery store…I see a little girl inside the cart as her mother pulled the front, as her legs was swinging in the part where a child fits its legs in side the back of the cart.

    Almost fainting and almost yelling in the grocery store, I stayed within my mind as the excitement was getting unbearable, as me and my friend was with our carts on the right, the mother and the little girl was passing on the right, and as I looked out the corner of my eye, she was carrying kool aid icicles and not the packages…as I waited for her to drop it, I decided to look forward instead of turning around and starring, and then…I heard, so I turned around and there it was…she had dropped her Kool-Aid packages / icicles ,and than…I remembered I had this dream 7 years earlier?

    What do dreams and dejavues have in common lady of the light ?

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    Re: Dear Linda,i am the last prophet 527.The green eyed russian

    Hey pat m,whats going on been worried about you?

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    Re: Dear Linda,i am the last prophet 527.The green eyed russian

    i have one already,lol.
    Children of the born'..coming to a t,v near you.
    Can you give me the equation of 'Reality'can reality be broken down.

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    Re: Dear Linda,i am the last prophet 527.The green eyed russian

    in the year 2853,a man will take the ashes of a dead person and mix it into a computer chip...could this be possble..you cant imagine what was created.

    im going to do a reality ghost show,i know how to capture ghost,its very easy.Just go to the store,and get one of those pisture frames,with the pictureof someone they already have inside ,take that picture frame to a grave yard and leae it there for 7 days,bring the picture back into your home and watch in amazment as one realm comes into this realm,talk about realm jumping,lol.

    How do they move objects,how do they touch them ?

    To get rid of them just take the picture back TO THE GRAVE YARD or throw it away.

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    Re: Dear Linda,i am the last prophet 527.The green eyed russian

    I have gotten the sense from the discussion above that it takes a certain amount of concentration to " stay in the moment" of a deja vu.... and where most of us experience just a flash of that knowledge... that some can " concentrate" into drawing it out and staying longer.... Have I sensed that correctly?

    I have had a " this side" experience with the entity you all call " Green Eyed Russian". We had walked across a pasture just as dawn was breaking....How we got to that pasture isn't that important.... but we crossed the road into a small and very old cemetery that was between us and the river that runs near Pegram Tennessee.... We were waiting for other transportantion to arrive and wandered respectfully through the grounds. I remembered how very cold it was at the moment... I was anxious for the sun to be fully up... It was March. The man that has gone by several names while I have known him ( Morgan, JD....now Logan) hesitated at one little gravestone and said.... her family will never leave this area. She died of a high fever and her father promised her....When he looked at him I had the oddest feeling that he was ALSO somewhere else.... listening to their conversation, hearing and seeing what was happening.... and then suddenly the moment was gone and he was back 100% with me again. But I got the sense that he could have stayed there as long as he wanted to.....

    Does that ring any bells of recognition with either of you?

    I dont think that I have ever been so aware of the fact that I have never really experienced what you are talking about here. The things that I " see" just come to me and land sort of at my feet.... I don't " go there".... but ... could I , if I tried? Linda

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    Re: Dear Linda,i am the last prophet 527.The green eyed russian

    The question I have is.... How do you know what questions to ask someone like "Logan"... Its the questions that really count... so how do I ask the right questions?

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