Ego versus self -
Monday, March 9, 2009

By far the biggest obstacle for people in the development of consciousness through the four steps in the learning of life is the Ego.

For everyone is saying 'this is good for the Ego' or 'that person has a big Ego' known. That's exactly what it is, the Ego, a part of us which we can sell ourselves to others. Through the Ego we compare ourselves with others in all facets of life: appearance, job, money, training, sports, relationships, self development and so on.

Besides the Ego is also another part of ourselves as everybody knows. This part is called the Self. The Self is the voice that always is good in others and in situations, even though there is no reason. The Self will always be for you to use your positive intentions into your own reality. Your Self is your adviser how you and your loving supporter Highest truth. You can always bring you closer to another, or advises you to give away wisely, so that you both can grow.

The continuous battle going on in each man is the fight of the Ego versus Self. In the earlier stages of awareness is the Ego total dominant. The Self can not come through. But the more someone chooses to further develop, the more chance to get the Self in the development mix.

Your ego can be great to feel good. If you like a great presentation on your work and you have all your colleagues get compliments, you feel super. You let your Ego to heights increase. Nobody is better than you, you are the best. You can change the whole world. Nevertheless, in subsequent presentation does not reach the expected level, you will undermine your Ego. You do not get the comp as little lime after the previous presentation and your Ego makes handy use of a cup smaller. It will tell you that you do not have that the previous success was just a coincidence. If you Ego you continually make and break with one goal: their own survival. The Ego is like the real subject of his opinion. It is the voice in your head that makes you larger or smaller versus others on the plane whatsoever.

We can be limited in our life through the anxious thoughts that the Ego like to strengthen its position in our lives to maintain. The Ego does not want to 'broadcast' to themselves, let alone the helm for the Self. But the Ego is strong and crafty. It uses all possible means to her wishes. Our dependency towards our Ego is also very difficult to understand. The next step is the fears of the Ego going to see our real way to prosecute. Life is not only associated with choices that feel safe. We have choices every day to a different path. But the Ego loves firmness and does not change. "It is good as it is? Yes, there is always something, so why would I change? Why should I risk it, while it all seems pretty reasonable case?. "

To our real life is to arrive guts needed. Courage to see through the ego and not to listen. Escaping the web that the Ego so handy for us has spun. We all have a dream in our hearts. A dream of how happy life would go. Not peg and anxious, but free, open and enjoy. The road is going for you off, but you must own the route in store. Nobody else does that for you. If you do not cancel in the hands of your own life, there would be no change. Indeed, you will slowly grow. You will unfortunately be felt in your current life situation and your anxiety will increase. The threshold for changes to work will not fall, but the pressure to cross the threshold to action will increase. This pressure will manifest itself in inner turmoil. Unrest that you feel throughout the day. If this unrest is turnover in tension and stress can eventually physical symptoms and even syndromes arise from. If you day in and day out work where you are not happy, it is time for change. If you day after day you fight with your partner, it is perhaps time for a change. If you ever closer to a midlife crisis or burnout sit, it is time for change. These are all signals of your own to you again on your life to reflect. Your still the chance, every day, for your own unique life choice.