Future Expectations
Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The arc of the future extends just as far as you frame it yourself. In other words, you expect a positive future, your future will be positive. Expecting thorns, then your seed thorns on your path.

The human spirit is most recently the Spirit of God in itself and it is the creative reach of any man. This means that in principle can create.

The creation of man is threefold. He creates:
1. By his thoughts;
2. By his act;
3. The creative power aware implementation.

1. Creating through your thoughts
A man who constantly thinks negative, calls by the creative power of his thinking negativity on its way. People who consider themselves as victims of life will make of himself a victim. He calls on all possible situations victim himself. Nothing will succeed him, but he will always be sad again. Throughout his confirmation touches on the pathetic are the victim are addressed.

Positive thinking brings positivity your way. Happy and joyous think makes your life happy. Full trust is confidence in the life. Did we used to "Who to pitch handlers are infected with it, our thought is also the world 'type search type. Do you have affinity with happiness, joy, love, gentleness, nurturing and abundance, you will live abundant, happy, loving, full of tenderness and nurture are (are).

Is your life is now full of care and pain? Get your mind ever again. Expected in all the good, choose joy and happiness. Choose abundance. Choose to abundance of love, tenderness and cherish. If you will, by the great creative power that the mind of man has received, reversing itself in your life cause. Naturally, that you through your mind - for example, by hatred - everything positive in your life is completely destroyed will ultimately make.

The arc of the future extends just as far as man himself spans. The man is truly master of his fate and mastery begins with the mastery of his thinking. You think self, you will never another to blame your negative thinking or negative expectations which are below.

2. Create trade
It has long been known that negative act through the laws of cause and effect (karma) negativity comes your way. Positive action brings happiness, negative act brings suffering and evil on your way. These laws are all too familiar and do still barely evident.

What is new is that the Aquarius era Laws of Love and Unity and that therefore the residual of our negative act, our negative karma, nothing more can be saved. The field of karma by the Creator slowly empty and laden there is no new negative karma longer be included. So turn the negative karma that is generated directly back to those who caused it.

Negative market now as a boomerang accident, breakdown, complaints and problems on our road. There is no delay mechanism in the functioning of karma. The man by the Creator can not be protected, there is no reservoir more karma in to save this dose to be mirrored back. The creation by act without delay reflects back, the man creates and gets the answer right on his plate.

The reverse is true of course: starts a human organ and constructive life, it will also instantaneously happiness and positivity in his life arose. The 'Give and you will be given will be immediately visible. The more you give, the more you will receive. The laws of abundance to your scarcity, in whatever, break.

In life, the man himself too often to pull up his suspenders. If only love he receives, he must continue to give love to finally be able to receive love. That he should love himself or award and also permit. He must himself worthy to actually find a positive flow of life appear to be. The mastery of his fate, a man so his mind must learn to control his actions discipline, but he must learn to receive positive, in order to shape his life.

3. Conscious creation
Through the heart and throat, the man at three levels of creation. Through the heart chakra or the throat chakra, he can force the creation of three levels of use. For example, the human karma in lifting the lives, he can transform his karma. It can trans mutate or create situations in his life to recreate or new situations in life creation.1) It is good to remember that - by creating awareness - we act to correct the negative residual of karma can transform.

With our creative capabilities, we are fully autonomous. Every negative thought pattern, we can trans mutate. We may create new expectations. We may also karma behind our complaints, ailments, bad luck and misfortune is transforming. In short, we can rest our old debts and eliminate transmutation and creation that we do not enter new misery to our shelves. And we do that by accident anyway, we can also re-transformation to tackle!

In life, man is himself the creator of his life, he is the creator of his destiny. Deep inside himself, he even created equal! And the more we can break negative patterns, the more we begin to look the Creator, the paradigmatic will our lives and our future expectations are.

, The same Creator
The more inner peace in us, how positive we think or act, the more we are capable of approaching. His really is our supreme state of happiness, but also health, wholeness and fulfillment. In the state of his is our positive future expectations. Actual happiness is born from a continuous flow of His life in us. Because happiness is the effect of the Spirit of God in our lives, in the material.2)

Our thoughts control, there will be more calm in our minds are. By our actions to discipline, there will be peace in our lives. With our creative capabilities to handle, there will be peace in our descent, we are actually learning. By His will be a completely positive future expectations in the dust crystallize.

Recommended literature
1) reveal three levels (T 35 theme, draft D 33)
Creation from the highest light (L reading 87 draft D 36)
Hercreatie within the Plan of Creation (reading L 87 D 35 draft)
2) Lucky for and against emergency (theme T 56)

Source: soniabos.com