There's a young and an old pharacist working at the local drug store one afternoon. The old pharmacist says to the young one,

"I have to go downtown to pick an order, I should be back within an hour. Watch the store and I'll see you shortly."

So the old pharmacist takes of his labcoat and walks out the door.

A little while later the old pharmacist returns to the store and sees this man is incredible agony, sweat from his brow and doubled over. The old pharmacist questions the man,

"What wrong with you, you seem to be down and out?"

The man looks up in dismay and states,

"I came in for some cough syrup and your pharmacist gave me something and now look at me!!"

The old pharmacist looks totally shocked at the man and runs in the store, "I'll be right back!"

The old pharmacist runs into the store and goes up to the young pharmacist and asks,

"What did you do to the man outside, he's really upset and in alot of pain?"

The young pharmacist looks at the older one and tells him quite proudly,

"Well he came in with a cold and a cough but we were out of cough syrup."

The older pharmacist replies, "Yes I know, thats the order I went to go pick up. So what did you do to him?"

The young pharmacist continues, "Well, I gave him the strongest laxative we had!"

The old pharmacist looks at the younger one in shock and asks, "Now why did you do a thing like that to the man?"

The young pharmacist sits down with a smile and replies, "Well he won't be thinking about coughing now, will he?"