Paris Hiltonís mother is angry that John McCain put Paris in his campaign video. Isnít that amazing? Of all the videos Paris has been in, this is the one Momís upset about?

Itís getting ugly on the campaign trail. The John McCain campaign has accused Barack Obama of playing the race card, and the Obama campaign has accused McCain of playing the pinochle card.

Barack Obama has accused the Republicans of trying to get the public to fear him because he doesnít look like the president on the dollar bill. So the choice is, Do you want to elect the guy who doesnít look like the guy on the dollar bill, or do you want to elect the guy who is older than the president on the dollar bill?

Itís been mentioned that Barack Obama may still pick a woman for vice president, but not Hillary Clinton. Well, today a top Hillary Clinton spokeswoman said that it is inconceivable that Obama would pick another woman over Hillary. To which Bill Clinton said, ďItís not that inconceivable .