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Odd grumble
Saturday, March 14, 2009

A scientist from New Zealand has a strange growl included. It is always a sound is heard. Most people are not by the noise of the city. The sound is heard in the city of Auckland. Dr Tom Moiré, a computer expert from the Massey University's Institute of Information and mathematics have a sound at a house. Dr. Moiré and his colleague Dr. Fakhrul Alam, the sound that unidentified acoustic phenomena synchronized. A number of people that the sound had also previously had heard indicated that even in their homes was clearly heard. If this is the buzz, then the acoustic and electromagnetic, "says Dr. Moiré.

According to Dr. Moiré chaired the frequency 56Hz, which is very close to the 50Hz arising from electricity supplied by energy companies. Also standard is 56Hz as a human can hear. Although it is too low for many people. One of the students of Dr. Moiré's, Ms Nair Tsuji, the sound heard as "ears" of Dr. Moiré's served. They also confirmed that the sound in the house Glen Field have heard that it was the same in her home in Whangaparaoa hear. All 30 additional cases to Dr. Moiré be reported in the north of Auckland for. It is Dr Moiré very difficult to trace the source. According to a theory by Professor Rod Cross, at the University of Sydney Department of Physics is brought forward, the sound may be the hum of sand dunes, Professor Cross wrote in an e-mail. The sound was the buzz of New Zealand can be attributed to wind that blows over hills and valleys.

In the Netherlands are also in different places growl is heard and is still not back where it came from. There is also no research done. What creates an opening for speculation that the wildest stories go. For example, the space debris which slowly burned in the atmosphere, the government with a sound machine to influence our brains, the HAARP project, electricity pylons, GSMmasten, windmills, heavy plant machinery and invisible space ships that fly.

Source: World secrets