If only the west would figure this out!

25 September 2014

An increasing number of Iraqis are now starting to believe that the CIA and ISIS are secretly united.

The New York Times' David Kirkpatrick writes that most Iraqis...

"From the streets of Baghdad to the highest levels of Iraqi government" believe that the C.I.A. and ISIS are working with each other.

On Saturday, Bahaa al-Araji, deputy prime minister revealed at a demonstration that Iraqis know who created 'Daesh'.
Mr Araji was called by Iraqi Islamic political leader Moktada al-Sadr, who publicly blamed the agency for creating the Islamic State in a speech last week.

Interviews suggest that Mr Sadr's opinion is embraced by most of the people at the demonstration, including dozens of members of Parliament, The New York Times reports. Mr Sadr's views are popular in Iran as well.

Mr Araji did not wish to clarify his stand regarding the relation between the C.I.A. and ISIS when questioned by a journalist and only said that he is "one of the poor people." Nevertheless, he confirmed that people are very scared, before "stepping back towards the open door of a chauffeur-driven SUV," revealed by The New York Times.

Raad Hatem, 40, said that he, just like other Iraqis, does not trust US President Barack Obama, while Haidar al-Assadi, 40 also agreed that ISIS "is a clear creation of the United States." Mr Assadi added that the US "is trying to intervene again using the excuse of the Islamic State." Omar al-Jabouri, 31, a Sunni Muslim from a predominantly Shiite neighbourhood of Baghdad who attended the rally also agreed with the above statements. "…the Islamic State was a different story...

Mr. Jabouri said. "It is obvious to everyone that the Islamic State is a creation of the United States and Israel."
According to Kurt Nimo from infowars.com, the CIA has a long history of hands-on experience with terrorists who have allegedly attacked the United States. "Ramzi Yousef, the supposed mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and the planned Bojinka attack, was recruited by the CIA and fought with the Mujahideen in Afghanistan", writes Nimo.

The following excerpt from Nimo's article accurately describes the so-called conspiracy theory, which is now starting to make sense to a lot of people:

Ali Mohamed, a major in the Egyptian army recruited by the CIA, "trained most of al-Qaeda's top leadership – including bin Laden and [Ayman] al-Zawahiri – and most of al-Qaeda's top trainers. Mohamed taught surveillance, counter-surveillance, assassinations, kidnapping, codes, ciphers and other intelligence techniques," U.S. prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald told the 9/11 Commission in 2004. "For five years he was moving back and forth between the US and Afghanistan."
"It's impossible the CIA thought he was going there as a tourist. If the CIA hadn't caught on to him, it should be dissolved and its budget used for something worthwhile," Nabil Sharef, a university professor and former Egyptian intelligence officer, told The Wall Street Journal in November, 2001.
Returning members of ISIS, now hyped as the next wave of domestic terror, are not tourists, either. If, as predicted by a range of offcials, including Rep. Peter King and Sen. Lindsey Graham, ISIS attacks inside America it will be part of a larger plan to expand and extend the war on terror and put the finishing touches on the surveillance and police state in America.

This apparatus is not designed to protect against al-Qaeda or ISIS terrorists. The purpose is to spy on the American people, who are the real enemy, and make certain they cannot effectively challenge the political monopoly of the global elite.
Most Iraqis are aware that the CIA and ISIS are working together

PS - Former Al-Qaeda Operative Claims Qaeda/ISIS Run By The CIA!

Read the english transcript here:
Na'eem first referenced the ((Project For A New American Century)) and the Bernard Lewis plan to ((break up the Middle East, re-establish national boundaries, and create a region made up of petty squabbling and weak "micro-states and mini-states")) when he stated the following:

Na'eem: Bernard Lewis founder of Fourth-Generation Warfare said so, he said: we do not need trans-continent armies that would awake nationalism and they return to us as bodies like what happened in Afghanistan & Vietnam, but we should find agents inside the (targeted) country who will carry out the task of the soldiers, and we need a media tool to falsify truths for the people, and money to spend on them.

This is the Fourth-Generation Warfare, agents instead of soldiers.

Interviewer: This is an alternative army, a war by proxy?

Nabeel Naiem: Yes of course.

Interviewer: Between who (this war)? We are talking about armies on the ground, Al Qaeda and all what branches out of it, these armies work for the account of which battle and between who?

Nabeel Naiem: It works for the US Intelligence (CIA).

Interviewer: Who it fights?

Nabeel Naiem: The regimes, they put a plan in 1998 called Clean Break (PNAC)…
Contunued here:
Former Al-Qaeda Operative Claims Qaeda/ISIS Run By The CIA -