Could this really be true?

Mahashta Murasi claims that he was born in January 1835, which make him the oldest man alive till date. Murasi, if born on the same day he claims, will be the oldest man alive on earth and the oldest man to have ever lived according to Guiness Book of World Records.
According to the officials, Murasi was born and brought up in Bangalore, and is recorded to have lived in Varanasi since 1903.
He worked as a cobbler in the city until 1957, when he retired at the already venerable age of 122.
The man's birth certificate and identity cards all seem to confirm his version, but unfortunately no medical examination can confirm his saying for now.

Murasi says his grandchildren have died few years ago.
According to Indian officials, Mūrasi was born in a house in Bangalore on January 6, 1835. He lived and worked in Varanasi from 1903 to 1957 until he got retired at the age of 122. "I live as long as the children of my grandchildren who died there a few years ago ," said the oldest man on earth. "In a way, death forgotten me. And now, we have no hope, he added. "Looking at the statistics, we do not die more than 150 years, let alone 170. At this point, I think I am immortal or something," Murasi said. Murasi, who has no records of health problems, said that his last doctor died in 1971. So we can believe that Mahashta Mūrasi from India is world's oldest person.