Friday, March 6, 2009
A rambling about conspiracy and government coverups - Warning: Contains goofy content

When delving into the subject of UFOs, it's impossible to avoid the inevitable conspiracy theories that often accompany the subject. UFOs and conspiracy theories go together like cream cheese and bagels. Sometimes they're the completely nutty ones, like David Icke's shape shifting reptilians and yet other times they're somewhat down to Earth, such as the general idea of the military covering up UFOs, which does make at least some sense...I think...I'll get back to you on that...

For the most part I really can't see the general government being to good at covering stuff up, especially considering how quick the media is to jump down politicians throats the instant they screw up or are caught being "scandalous". I mean in today's world, the media is everywhere...and I mean everywhere like that guy who occasionally peeps around the corner in my hallway. Man I really need to call an exterminator and get rid of him before he reproduces.

Now where they aren't (Well, excluding those in the UFO community, which is kind of like it's own media, who get thrills out of seeing how close they can get to the camo guys outside of Area 51 before they open fire.) at is within the military or other highly secretive organizations with seemingly unlimited military funding or backing, the "military industrial complex" if you will. See, these guys have the ability to do it, the funds to do it, and the scary guys with guns who shoot to kill. They also probably have ninja assasins (After all, who doesn't have any? I keep 5 in my closet just in case I need them.) as well, but by all accounts they are probably pretty good since no one has ever scene least to my knowledge.

Anywho my point is these guys can do it. Afterall, they have all the funds they need, have covered up numerous things in the past, (like secret aircraft) and have the most advanced technology in the world. They have this tech half the time before the public even knows it exists, which fuels a lot of the UFO coverup stories. Makes sense in a way. Captured alien spaceship, military engineers reverse engineer it and leak it's tech to the corporate sectors and there you go.

Going deeper into conspiracy theories, you come across other things like the New World Order, Illuminati, or even household (and not just rumored) names like the Freemasons, who somehow get tied to just about everything. You could come up with a conspiracy about dairy farmers trying to kill the world through poisoned cheese and they'd probably get connected to it. Whether any of these aspects of conspiracy theories are real, I don't know. Although from what I see going on in the world, sometimes I wonder...sometimes I wonder...oh crap gotta go. My ninja assassins are trying to kill the media guy lurking in the hallway and I don't want any blood on the carpet...

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