This comes from a post in abovetopsecret

Written by muckstar.
You cannot trust people who isolate themselves into groups that believe they are somehow special or more important than everyone else...

You cannot trust the Jews... they believe they are the superior chosen ones... they run the NWO and control the world... they can’t forget the past and continually remind us about the events of 60 years ago...

The Muslims are no better... flying planes into buildings, planning their Jihads and stoning women to death for looking at a man. They sneak into a country and try their best to take over, telling us how WE should live our lives... when that fails they blow it up.

Then we have the Christians... damn them and their “forgive all bad people” mentality followed by a hypocritical “let’s nuke Iraq”
They need all their forgiveness with their paedophile priests and a past that involved the inquisitions and the death of millions!!!

None can be worse than a godless man... Atheist heathens who have no moral guide in life... How can they be trusted when they believe in nothing but their own invented ethics and self centred view on the world!

You can’t trust a Black man... wallowing in self pity about slavery and white man’s grasp on the world... always looking to blame someone else for his woes. Polluting our kids with their vile selfish Hip Hop gangster message.

Whites are as bad... constantly crying about losing their apple pie eating, banjo playing, cultural identity to the foreigners who have invaded the lands which the white man stole in the first place. Feeling it’s their human right to be richer than the rest of the world’s population and prepared to allow the world to suffer to achieve it.

Of course Arabs take some beating... living in palaces of gold and holding the world to ransom with their oil while the populations of their countries suffer in poverty. Acting like princes in the day and by night they are gambling, prostitute hiring, playboys!

The Chinese are dodgy Communist control freaks who want robots for a population. Dangerous ideology mixed with an inhuman endurance for suffering and servitude. They take over by tempting us with their tasty food and the mirage of humbleness... Spies, all of them!

The biggest conspiracy the world has ever known is turning us against each other... how can the human race ever achieve anything while we are so busy pointing the finger?

Is the reason for this really a conspiracy... is it really a secretive organisation planning to turn us all against each other so that they can hatch their evil plans?

Or is it a more natural remnants of stone age man... the tribalistic need to isolate ourselves into small groups for protection... the need to be wary of those that are different?

Maybe it’s a mixture... maybe the powers that be are playing on our natural instincts of tribalism for their “divide and conquer” plan.

Whatever the reason, it is whats holding us back!