The US Feds invasion of Haiti was aimed at taking over the Haitian central bank

The desperate and cornered Federal Reserve Board crime family attacked Haiti with an earthquake weapon and then invaded it in order to seize the Haitian central bank.

By seizing the central bank the Feds got access to codes for the new financial system and tried to launder the fraudulently obtained dollars and drug money via the nearby Dominican Republic.

This is why the announcement of a new financial system we were promised would take place on January 19th has been delayed. As the end of the Fed approaches desperate battle lines are being drawn by the cornered rats.

The Bush Clinton family is planning to replace Obama with Hillary Clinton, forcing Vice President Biden and Nancy Pelosi to step aside.

Kenyan born Obama has to prove his US citizenship to a judge on January 26th. The judge is an ex-marine who has the backing of the US military and he is not going to submit to pressure.