Barack Obama answers questions (but probably not the ones from 9/11 conspiracy theorists) live online
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In the latest instalment of his efforts to dominate every communication channel in existence and bypass the media filter, Barack Obama will take to the "internet" at 11.30am eastern time this morning for what's being billed as an online town hall, called Open For Questions. Voters have been invited to submit questions -- preferably along with video of themselves asking the questions -- and they've certainly been doing so, in their tens of thousands; this blog has been meanly highlighting some of the more eyebrow-raising ones. (Examples: "All the brave men and women that sacrifice their lives to keep us safe and secure are heroes, so why do you hate them and this great country?"; "When will the Obama administration be willing to admit that 9-11 tradegy was an inside job performed by our own United States Government? Also Thermite was proven to be involved, we know terrorists did not have access to that material.") Visitors to the White House website have been able to vote for their favourite questions, a selection of which Obama will answer live -- though, to be honest, the administration isn't even pretending that there won't be an intermediate behind-the-scenes selection stage to make sure he's spared any embarrassment. Follow along here from 11.30am eastern time, 3.30pm UK time.