'Bin Laden planning new attacks on U.S.
Friday, March 27, 2009

The media comes with the message

that Bin Laden is preparing new attacks. Bin Laden, the terrorist known as master for the CIA has worked, is probably already dead, but remains a powerful weapon for the people fear to hunt. It would also announce a new false flag attack may be.
Nu.nl include:
Osama bin Laden and the terrorist network headed by al-Qaeda plans new attacks on the United States.

The destruction of al-Qaeda is the main aim of the new Afghanistan strategy that the U.S. president Barack Obama will make known Friday.

This Thursday told senior U.S. officials. Bin Laden was operating from hiding in Pakistan.

The cost of the U.S. operation in Afghanistan, are still 2 billion dollars a month, are expected to increase by 60 percent.
Obama in 4000 would send military instructors to Afghanistan for the Afghans to enable itself to provide leadership in military operations against Islamist insurgents.

Source: We Are Change Holland