Bilder Bergers World Shadow Government?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What is at present in Europe (the union) is not the will of the people, but the will of a small group of powerful banks, larger newspapers, elections and a large part of the politicians seem to manage. Many suspect that decision on an invisible level takes place eg in the Bilderberg group once a year komt.Tachtig percent of our laws are already in the EU, the appointed Commissioners adopt the skepter wave. The elected officials may only amend laws. (Not binding)

Gerard Aalders: Bilderberg Conferences The ideology that stands in front of the Bilderberg conferences is that what is good for banking and 'Big Business', good for the ordinary mortal.

The Bilderberg group is a forum for Europe's and America's leading politicians, financiers, industrialists, media magnates and military leaders to decide the course of civil supposed to be. The Bilderberg meetings in the Netherlands by Prince Bernhard started. The name of the group comes from the hotel where the group in 1954 for the first time came, although the existence of the group for many years is undeniable. Prince Bernhard was the war a member of the SS and an employee of IG Farben. He chaired the Bilderberg meetings until 1976 when he was forced to resign in connection with the Lockheed scandal. Bilderberg meetings are kept strictly secret and only if you 'insider' know, you can invent something on their discussions.

You can not just become a member of this club (1). There is a secret committee that each year about 100 people carefully selected for the annual conference, somewhere far from the press account. The security at the conference are in the hands of a military intelligence service. Other guests, who happened to stay at the hotel, are housed elsewhere. Temporary staff are sent home. The permanent staff receive instruction none of the guests themselves to speak and nobody in the eyes to see. Why such secrecy? There are sometimes pushed by journalists, disguised as a gardener, but when they offered their article to their chief, it was pertinent refused.

Jan van Helsing from Germany writes:

"The Bilder Bergers are a group of about one hundred and twenty persons from the top of the financial world of Western Europe, the United States and Canada. Their main goals - as expressed by Prince Bernhard himself - are a world government in the year two thousand and a world army from the United Nations. The Bilderberg group is also the "invisible world government" mentioned. An advisory group of the management committee (consisting of twenty-four Europeans and fifteen Americans) decides who will or will not be invited to the meetings. Rothkrantz John writes that persons whose unshakeable loyalty to the Rockefeller-Rothschild intriguing have proven to be invited. But not all participants are 'insiders', they may happen to represent interest or persons. " ( "Secret Societies and their power in the 20th century)
It is about strengthening ties and the idea of the illusion that globalization "good", "popular" and that the inevitable. Often people who are condemning globalization invited them to line up. How this happens is not clear.

Bilderberg is an extremely influential lobbying group. That does not say that the organizers have no hidden agenda, which they do, namely increase of wealth and power in their own hands while the participants explain that globalization is good for them all.
It looks very much that the Bilderberg group, a European version of the CFR. (2) With thousands of members of all disciplines, the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations: Chairman David Rockefeller) the real driving force behind the foreign policy the U.S. In fact, since 1940 all but one of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the U.S. member of the CFR or the TC. Everything discussed in secret, beyond itself to scrutiny by parliament. Who is actually pulls the strings?

Researcher Daniel Estulin, who has been following Bilderberg Group says: The Bilderberg Group is a secret society with only one goal: the global power and the total subjugation of human beings to the interests of the super rich and super powerful.

They are strong words, but Daniel Estulin Bilderberg Group is examining the long. He is one of the few who have inside information. Through his father and grandfather Estulin has contacts in the world of intelligence and also, not all participants at the Bilderberg Conference as convinced of the ligimiteit the objectives and has been willing to agree to provide information, sometimes at the risk of career or even life .

Believe me, says Daniel Estulin, I am not clairvoyant, but I base on inside information. Behind the doors of the Bilderberg Conference decisions that affect us all. And that will in future be more tangible. "Bilder Bergers Do not already have money and power that they want? Daniel Estulin: Yes, but that they want to keep.

That world can only control, and want the images Bergers reach by creating a global company: a world government with the puppets and the puppeteers Bilder Bergers. The sound contradictory, but the super-capitalists of the Bilderberg Group to pursue, is like a socialist dictatorship.

The CIA monitors already in the sixties large parts of the drug trade. They have the money financed campaigns and brought down governments. That is documented. (Projekt Condor) The invasion of Afghanistan gave them, in addition to control over key oil pipelines, have more control over the heroin trade.

And the destruction of Yugoslavia, they are assured of the main supply lines of heroin to Europe. Experts do not doubt if all the drug money in one of the world economy would be achieved, it would collapse. And nobody has so much economic power as it is not the Berger Bilder Club belongs. That is not increasing. That Estulin.

While William Cooper (in 2001 by security forces in America shot) from the United States of America in his book "behold a Pale Horse" goes further and writes:

"The most powerful secret organization in the world is the Bilderberg Group, organized in 1952. Prince Bernhard, the right of veto to any choice of the Vatican Pope whatsoever. Bernhard has this veto because his family, Hapsburgen, descendants of Roman emperors. Prince Bernhard is the leader of the Black Families. "He claimed descent from the House of David and thus can say that he related to Jesus. Prins Bernhard brought with the help of the CIA's secret group of the Illuminati in the known as the Bilderberg group. This is the official alliance of the world government estimates. Any proposal or plan that has ever been discussed at the annual meeting of the Bilderberg group has been adopted, often within a year or two after the meeting. "

The fact is that Tony Blair two years after his attendance at the Bilderberg meeting the great leader of England and that we see with many other politicians, too. Promotion after participating in the conference.

The Bilderberg group wants a United Europe, a United America (including Canada and Mexico) are from the NAFTA and the United East APEC. an African Union is in the pipeline. Some time ago, in the newspaper that Russia and China have concluded an agreement which they claimed that they will not allow one country will rule the world, it is apparently a legitimate fear. Unfortunately for Russia and China will never rule the world one country, because the plan is not country. A United Europe, America and East. Three major United States are easier to govern than a large number of distributed landjes.

In a document from 1974 titled "U.S. Population Study," for Henry Kissinger, (Berger Bilder involved in Operation Condor in Z-Am)) is that the population by 2000 should decrease by 500 million people by 2050 with 3 billion .
Anyone who doubts this should ask themselves just why Bush the global war on terror has been declared without even thinking as to the true roots of evil to deal with: poverty, frustration, mutual ignorance, the American foreign arrogance.

With the money already in Afghanistan and Iraq has been issued, there was poverty in the world can help. One need not supporter of conspiracy theories to realize that something was going on: you can not pay do not provide purchase, no major road, no plane, without being recorded, filmed, gecontroleerd.Hoe was that 10 years ago?

The real danger is not of this elite or other tyrants, it is the ignorant. If people are not as ignorant, lazy and criticism would be, nobody would be abused. He who knows it can not be abused because they know it.
So, again: Does the truth because the truth will set you free.

Daniel Estulin: