Seed no unnecessary panic about the environment

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

`Flow horror stories about global warming that the media voorschotelen us, inspires us in unnecessary anxiety. Worse still, he is chasing our children the fear of the body," writes the Danish professor Bjørn Lomborg today in the NRC. Two weeks ago we already reported about this interesting piece of an authoritative author, that in an extended version was already in Esquire. Now shortened and translated in the NRC.
"Al Gore has made a great impression with a rise in sea levels six meters, almost throughout Florida, New York, USA, Bangladesh and Shanghai under water, even though the United Nations that the sea level rise twenty times as small will be, and nothing that will do.

This alerted exaggerations, some of us say that a good purpose is served and that it certainly can not hurt it even more if we do our best to address climate change. When George W. Bush the terrorist threat posed by Iraq of Saddam Hussein drove on, a similar reasoning.

But this argument becomes unfounded. Such exaggerations are very harmful. If we are disproportionately concerned about global warming, which brings with it that we are less concerned in other areas where we could achieve much result. We are focusing for example on the impact of global warming on malaria - which means that over one hundred years a little more risk people will walk - instead of us devoted to prevention and treatment of the half a billion people are currently the illness, which is much cheaper and very much more effective than would be the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Moreover, exaggeration undermines the willingness of the public to address the warming of the earth to do. It is believed that, if the planet is not to save, why should we then make a fuss? 54 percent of American voters - a record - is now convinced that the new media of global warming worse than it actually is. A majority now - wrongly - believe that global warming not caused by man. In the United Kingdom 40 per believes that global warming is exaggerated, and 60 percent doubted that the work of man.

But the greatest damage caused exaggeration in my opinion is the unnecessary panic it caused. "

Sources: NRC, Welingelichtekringen

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