"Coral Castle Code" represents the "Blueprint of Creation".
It is the very *Base* of ALL "Magnetic Hierarchies" that develop within Nature and Energy.
It is really easy to get lost in the magnificent DYNAMIC behaviors of these three things. Nature has endless combinations of manifesting and using them. So a message I will give you is to always keep the three things in the forefront of your thoughts, no matter how deep you explore.

It applies to the Micro and the Macro.

It is the true principle of all Energy and it's distributions and of all the manifestations of "Mind and Matter".

Our Sacred Geometry is really representing an advanced understanding of the interaction principles of these Communicating "Influencing" Cosmic Rays.(3 things make everything)

The Freemason V is representing the angles of Cosmic Rays.

If you have these Rays reflecting and crossing in the right manner or channels you will have a manifestation.