White House: 'We control the media completely'

October 19, 2009

Obama: appointed by the president the head of the White House Communications, Anita Dunn, in a press conference in the Dominican Republic she bragged about the fact that the current U.S. government completely controls the media. About the election of Obama she had boasted: "Rarely we shared something in the press along which what we have not ful control of."

"One of the reasons why so many videos with David Plouffe (head of Obama's campaign) was brought out not only for the people who supported us, but also because it was a way to spread our message, without journalists which do speak. So we let them write about what Plouffe had said instead of getting an interview with a journalist to do so. In that way we could control them so well. "

"Whether it's a speech by Plouffe and Obama , our press strategy was largely focused on the media to write about what Obama actually said, and not why the campaign manager claimed something .... That was the tactic, that way they always wrote about what we said (and not something else). "

Dunn made her comments on January 12, 2009, shortly before the inauguration of Obama, during a meeting organized by the Global Foundation for Democracy and Development in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, where the president was at that time.

Dunn is in the U.S. under some fire because the White House has begun a campaign against Fox News and especially Glenn Beck, one of Obama's most hated by the critics of the current government. Yesterday we reported in this article that Glenn Beck under pressure from the Islamic lobby in America was eliminated by CNN. Now he has a popular show on Fox News. Anita Dunn is the black Beck Fox and a branch of the Republicans' to call and accusing them of "under the guise of opinion-journalism news brought to light."

Fox hit back hard last Friday (see video), which is a fragment of an image was shown in a recent speech by Anita Dunn at a middle school, where they stated their view that one of her two favorite political philosophers, the Chinese Communist leader Mao Tse-Tung is that 70 million deaths in the largest mass murder in the 20th century to his name:

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