You've heard of the Bermuda Triangle, you may have even heard of its Pacific counterpart the Devil's Sear near Japan. But did you know about the South Atlantic Anomaly. It's a region over South America and the south Atlantic Ocean centered at about 30 degrees West and 30 degrees South, and it's big, a little larger than the entire United States. Some say it's a danger to anything entering it, and they point most specifically to the crash of Air France flight 447 in June of 2009, in which 228 people died. Whereas the Bermuda Triangle and the Devil's Sea are merely lines drawn on a map, the South Atlantic Anomaly is a measurable physical presence.Makes you wonder whether it really brought down Flight 447.

We know that the South Atlantic Anomaly is hazardous to electronic equipment and to humans who spend time inside it. We know that it dips down close to the Earth. So if we add these together, it suddenly sounds plausible that Flight 447 might have been taken down by it. Right

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