Anybody researched this group:

The Aviary is an alleged cabal of intelligence agents and others who seek to mislead, debunk, and/or enlighten the UFO research community. Here is a list of members and their codenames: From Armen Victorian's Aviary:
C.B. Scott Jones: Falcon

Col. John B. Alexander: Penguin

Ron Pandolfi: Pelican

Dr Christopher Green: Bluejay

Hal Puthoff: Owl

Jack Verona: Raven

(Victorian, Armen, "Non-Lethality: John B. Alexander, The Pentagon's Penguin", Lobster Magazine, 6/93)

I believe the term "Aviary" was first coined by ufologist and self-described government informant William Moore, to include the agents he supposedly dealt with, who were often codenamed after birds. Victorian and others, like psychiatrist and ufologist Richard Boylan, have claimed that the Aviary is the official codeword, and that they have met with various agents. The individuals involved expanded to include almost anyone that supports or debunks UFO research that is in any way connected to the government. Michael Persinger has been included, as well as Susan Blackmore for interviewing him. It has degenerated to the point that it's now an inside joke on the newsgroups, with people giving each other codenames like Pigeon and Dodo Bird.