BBC NEWS: Bilderberg

January 29th, 2009
BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Bilderberg: The ultimate conspiracy theory.

For four days some of the West’s chief political movers, business leaders, bankers, industrialists and strategic thinkers will hunker down in a five-star hotel in northern Italy to talk about global issues.

What sets Bilderberg apart from other high-powered get-togethers, such as the annual World Economic Forum (WEF), is its mystique.

Not a word of what is said at Bilderberg meetings can be breathed outside. No reporters are invited in and while confidential minutes of meetings are taken, names are not noted.

The shadowy aura extends further - the anonymous answerphone message, for example; the fact that conference venues are kept secret. The group, which includes luminaries such as Henry Kissinger and former UK chancellor Kenneth Clarke, does not even have a website.

In the BBC article, they try to pass off the Bilderberg Group as a conspiracy theory. World Leaders meeting in secret for over 50 years and mainstream media covering up for them is never ok.
January 29th, 2009 in Bilderberg