Dear Friends:

Enjoy this little story. Quite true, and happened nearly three years ago.

Someone I'd been in touch with for a while through Project Camelot (an intelligent and well-informed reader) contacted me on Skype audio one day to tell me a story.

He said that his partner was a family member of a retired CIA Director. He did not give the man's name, and even now I don't know it. This gentleman was now elderly, but very sharp and with all his wits about him.

Over a family dinner, this man had let slip to my friend's partner that the US had indeed made contact with an ET race in the early 1950s. That was basically what my friend wanted me to know.

This was not new, of course, but it was cool information. I thanked him for the story.

Three days later, he called me again, very flustered. This time it was not on Skype, but over iChat - a Mac application which I'd upgraded to be 256-bit encrypted.

He told me that the CIA Director had phoned him from Washington, having been handed a copy of the Skype transcript. "That was a PRIVATE conversation!" He was furious.

As he was telling me this, I could hear his cellphone ringing in the background.

"Better get that", I said. "It'll be him." I was laughing.

He didn't want to, but I persuaded him to pick up the call. "I'll stay right here," I told him.

Well, it was not the retired CIA Director. But it was a woman from Washington.

"GET OFF THE LINE NOW!!" she said.

The woman then sent a pulse through the phone that destroyed the SIM card and wiped the phone memory.

My friend was shaking. I could hardly contain myself. To his credit, he pulled himself together and was not intimidated. I thought it was hilarious.

Folks, no communications are secure. And 256-bit encryption means nothing at all.