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Thread: UN Agenda 21 - In Your Face.

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    UN Agenda 21 - In Your Face.

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    Want to Defeat the NWO Globalists? You MUST Understand 'AGENDA 21'..!

    Please Watch til the Finish the whole video Clip:

    This really is only one of numerous examples of 'Agenda 21' going on around the globe!

    The Maine Council employees say they've never heard about Agenda 21?

    After watching and absorbing the information inside the video, I really hope it can help everyone to understand NWO Globalists Tricks.

    Much in the way they Trick us into thinking Climatic Change is real!

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    Agenda 21 anyone?

    I am unsure if a anybody saw this, just thought it belongs here:

    You know they are listening to you but they can't hear you.

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