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American Political Figures

Senator Paul Wellstone October 25, 2002

Governor Mel Carnahan Oct. 16, 2000

Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown, 1996

South Dakota Governor George Mickelson, 1993

Senator John Heinz, 1991

Former Senator John Tower, 1991

Representative Larkin Smith August 13, 1989

Representative Larry McDonald, 1983 (KAL 007, below)

Senatorial Candidate Richard Obenshain August 2, 1978

Representative Jerry Litton, 1976

Representative Jerry Pettis, 1975

Congressman Clement Miller

Congressman Hale Boggs, 1972

Congressman Nick Begich, 1972 (with Hale Boggs)

Congressman George Collins, 1972 (United Flight 553, below)

Montana Governor Donald Nutter, 1962

Governor Earl Snell, Oregon, 1947

Generals and Admirals

General Cheikh Omar Diarra (ECOWAS) (and 116 others) October 22, 2005

General Mushaf Ali Mir (Air Force Chief of Staff, Pakistan) February 20, 2003

General Bakat Purwanto (Indonesian Anti-Corruption Official) July 20, 2002

Gen. Luis Alfonso Acevedo (Air Force Chief of Staff, Venezuela) April, 2002 ( + 3 other generals)

General Alexander Lebed , Russia, April 2002

General Mikhail Rudchenko, Russia, January 2002 (missile)

Lieutenant General Tin Oo, Burma, February 2001 (Armed Forces Chief of Staff)

16 High Ranking Sudanese Army Officers April 2001

General Santiago Madrid Philippines, July, 2000

Admiral Stansfield Turner USN, Ret., (Former CIA Director) (survived) January, 2000

Admiral Donald Engen, USN (Ret.) July, 1999

Major General James Waleithner (USAF, Ret.)

General Ahmed Faraj, Yemen, August 1999 (+ 2 other generals)

General Dao Trong Lich (Armed Forces Chief of Staff, Vietnam) (+ 4 Generals)(+ 10 others) May 1998

Lieutenant General David J. Mcloud, USAF June 26, 1998

Major General Yudomo, Indonesia, June 1998

Brigadier General Tal Shmuel Eldar, Israel, March 1998

Lieutenant General al-Zubeir Mohammed Saley Sudan (Vice President) February 1998

Lt. Gen. Dimitri Kutsekon, Russia, September 1996

Maj. Gen. Boris Batura, Russia, September 1996

Maj-Gen Mihailo Djordja Zugic, Yugoslavia, June 1996

Brig. General Danilo P. Olay, Philippines, March 1996

Major General Glenn Profitt, USAF April 17, 1995

Major General Tes Chanthan (Air Force Deputy Chief of Staff, Cambodia) March 1995

Brigadier General Mansour Sattari, Air Force Chief of Staff, Iran, January 1995 (+ 4 other generals)

General Miguel Iturralde Jaramillo (Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff, Ecuador) 1994

Major General K.M. Palande, India, September 1994

4 Afghan Generals, January, 1994

Gen. Esref Bitlis, Turkey, February 1993

General Vladimir Kolmogorov, Ukraine, December 1993

General Carlomagno Andrade (Army Chief of Staff, Ecuador), December 1992

Brigadier General Thomas C. Carroll, USA, November 1992

General Vladimir Vukovic, Yugoslavia, 1992

General Pedro Bautista Perez, Mexico, 1992

Lt.-Gen. Lee Hyon-bu, South Korea, February 1992

Lt. Gen. Zhang Defu, China, June 1991

Maj. Gen. Pavel Ettinger, USSR, February 1991

Maj-Gen Berhanu Jembere, Ethiopia, February 1990 (+ 1 soviet general)

Maj. Gen. Lin Lung-hsien (Deputy Chief of Staff, Taiwan) (+ 2 other generals), August 1990

Rear Admiral S. David Griggs, USNR, 1989

General Adnan Khairallah, Defense Minister, Iraq, May 1989

Gen. Luis Federico Fuentes Corado, Former Defense Minister, Guatemala, April 1989

Maj. Gen. Winfield S. Harpe, USAF, December 1988

General Angel Augusto Flores, (Air Force Chief of Staff, Ecuador) June 1988 (+ 2 generals)

General Mohammad Zia ul-haq (Pakistani Dictator) August 17, 1988 (+ 10 generals)

U.S. Brigadier General Herbert Wassom, August 17, 1988

Brig.-Gen. Francisco Cruz Bourzac, Cuba, April 1988 (shot down)

Abdul-Aziz Ibrahim al-Hadithy, Iraq, 1988

Brig. General Arturo Asuncion, Philippines, November 1987

5 Soviet Generals, October 1987

Brig. Gen. Eugenio Ocampo, Philippines, September 1987

Major General Abdul Qayyum Siddiq , Afghanistan, June 1987 (shot down)

Brig. Gen. David H. Stem , USA, January 1987

Maj. Gen. Djarot Supadmo, Indonesia, 1986

General Kim Hong-han , South Korea, July 1984

Lt. Gen. Robert M. Bond, USAF, May 1984

General Jacques Boichot , France, April 1983

Brig. Gen Luis Mario Vargas Amezcua, Mexico, January 1983

Jaime Roldos Aguilera, President of Ecuador, May 1981

Maj. Gen. Marco Subia Martinez, Defense Minister, Ecuador, May 1981 (with President Roldos)

4 Iranian Generals, September 1981 (Defense Minister, Armed Forces Chief of Staff., Revolutionary. Guards commander, Air Force Chief of Staff)

General Omar Torrijos, Military Dictator of Panama, July 31, 1981

Business Leaders, Reporters, Influential Private Citizens

John Walton, June 26, 2005

Dr. Paul Norman, June 26, 2004 (Click here to read more on "Dead Weapons Experts Conspiracy Theory")

Michael Chowdry, January 25, 2003

Dan Rocco, April 1, 2002

Walter Reuther, 1970

Ziya Bazhayev, March, 2000

Foreign Government

Ramon Martin Huerta, Mexican Federal Chief of Police, Sept 22, 2005

Rizal Nurdin, Governor of North Sumatra Province, Indonesia, Sept 5, 2005 (and 146 others)

John Garang, Vice-President of Sudan, July 30, 2005

Ricardo Maduro, President of Honduras, June 1, 2005 (Survived)

Gustavo Vázquez Montes, Governor of Colima, Mexico. February 24, 2005

Boris Trajkovski, President of Macedonia, February 26, 2004

Jose Carlos Martinez, Brazilian Party Leader, October 4, 2003

Governor Igor P. Farkhutdinov Sakhalin, Russia, August 2003

Afghan Minister Juma Muhammad Muhammadi February 23, 2003

Kenyan Minister, January 25, 2003

Columbian Minister, February 13, 2003

Anti-Taliban Afghan Prime Minister August 22, 1997

Cyprien Ntaryamira, president of Burundi shot down April 1994

Juvenal Habyarimana, president of Rwanda shot down April 1994

Punjab Governor Surendra Nath, India, July 1994


Madhavrao Scindia, India


Philippine Congressman Moises Tapia, November 15, 1987

Samora Machel, President of Mozambique, 1986

Ibrahim Abacha, Nigeria, January 1996

Central African Republic President Barthélémy Boganda , 1959

Philippine President Ramon Magsaysay, March, 1957

Ould Bouceif, Mauritanian dictator, May 1979

Members of Saudi Royal Family, Cueno, Italy, 1963

Queen Alia of Jordan, 1977

Commercial Airlines

American Airlines Flight 587

The Crashes of 9/11, 2001

Alaska Airlines 261

Egypt Air 990, October 31 1999 (casualties included 2 Egyptian generals)

TWA 800

Swissair 111, September 1998

Pan Am 103, December 1988 (bomb)

Air India 182, June 1985 (bomb)

Korean Airlines 007 (shot down)

United Airlines 553, December 1972

Other Curious Crashes

Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Febraury 19, 2003

John F. Kennedy, Jr.

Carlos Menem, Jr. 1995

Sanjay Gandhi, India, 1980

285 American Soldiers (and eight crew members), December 12, 1985

Salem bin Laden

Yuri Gagarin

Francis Gary Powers, August 1977

Alexander Onassis, 1973

Mohammed Bin Laden

Dag Hammarskjold, September, 1961

Early Astronauts

Theodore Freeman, 1964

Elliott See Jr, 1966

Charles Bassett II , 1966

Clifton Williams Jr. , 1967

Robert Lawrence , 1967