New documentation. There was a similar story in Canada during the summer (Bishop porn issue known to N.L. church in 1989). Where are the arrests? Who is responsible? The Catholic Church shouldn't be immune from some kind of prosecution, but - they keep yapping about women priests (no), no condoms (Africa), celibacy (making babies called nieces and nephews), love (sexual indulgences, pornography).

Collecting fines would be a great income for governments or individuals. What's the price of this? Must be a LOT of money.

Author: CNN Source: CNN


The Archdiocese of Dublin and other Catholic Church authorities in Ireland covered up clerical child abuse until the mid-1990s, according to a government-commissioned report released Thursday.

The Dublin Archdiocese Commission of Investigation's 720-page report said that it has "no doubt that clerical child sexual abuse was covered up" from January 1975 to May 2004, the time covered by the report.

"The Dublin Archdiocese's pre-occupations in dealing with cases of child sexual abuse, at least until the mid 1990s, were the maintenance of secrecy, the avoidance of scandal, the protection of the reputation of the Church, and the preservation of its assets," the report said.

"The welfare of children, which should have been the first priority, was not even a factor to be considered in the early stages," it said.