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Thread: The 'Royal' Trillions - Where Does it ALL Come From?

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    The 'Royal' Trillions - Where Does it ALL Come From?

    23 April 2012

    People in the TRUTH MOVEMENT are being led astray – being urged to buy GOLD and FIREARMS – these are two industries which are traditionally controlled by the ROYAL-POLITICAL ELITE… Opium, Diamonds, Uranium and also BIOTECH Genetics Corporations are largely owned by Venture Capital Funds & Merchant Banks which have close trading ties with the British-Bavarian Royals.

    This reveals that citizens of Ireland, Scotland, Wales, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, England and, yes, even the UNITED STATES are being taxed on products traded by corporations which feed back revenue to the BRITISH-BAVARIAN Royal Sovereign houses – and that TAX is more than just a system which pays for the upkeep of the Government – it is a vital CONTROL VALVE designed by the royals to hold back and suppress the entrepreneurial genius of everyday working class people.

    This article is dedicated to the family of Ken Saro Wiwa who was executed after protesting the terrible ecological destruction of the Ogoni lands by Royal Dutch Shell.

    Where Does Your Tax Go?

    If you are a resident of the USA, CANADA, IRELAND, ENGLAND, AUSTRALIA, NEW ZEALAND, WALES or SCOTLAND – and especially if you buy fuel for your vehicle – then it is likely that you and your family are paying taxes to the BRITISH MONARCHY via STEALTH TAXES which were imposed 200 years ago… Not only that, but the British Royals have been operating a monopoly on the pricing of uranium, which has a direct impact on electricity bills for consumers worldwide…

    This article should be called “THE QUEEN’S QUADRILLIONS” as that is the number which follows a ‘Trillion’… and Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain and the Commonwealth has a portfolio of real estate and investments around the globe which includes Oil companies operating in the USA – such as BP who have utterly failed to halt the heinous pollution belching from a ruptured pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico…

    The royals have an enormous income derived from diverse stock and share holdings and, as this article will prove, they have absolutely no need to take a single penny from the British people…

    Many American and Canadian citizens believe that when their forefathers left Europe and populated North America, that they were in some way severing all ties to the Old World and no longer required to pay taxes to the British Crown… The truth is rather different.

    This article is designed as a reference for all of us – especially American citizens who should know that the Founding Fathers of the USA had close relations with Opium, Tea, Tobacco and Coffee trading companies – such as the Virginia trading houses and the East India Company – it is a matter of historical fact that executives of these trading entities were politically involved in the incorporation of the United States of America, and that to this day, the British Crown has vast stocks and share holdings within the borders of the USA. Via a 200 year old system of front companies, taxes are still being earned by the European Royals on transactions and purchases made by American families on a daily basis.

    The British Royals have traditionally employed stock brokers and merchant banks to buy share holdings in American corporations – leading to a situation where the founders of huge American corporations are really unsure of the identity of exactly who owns the major shares in their corporations!

    The portfolio of royal investments has been managed on a ‘need to know’ basis and even the BBC in their 2002 documentary The Queen’s Billions could not adequately summarize the extent of USA-based properties and corporate investments owned by the British Crown.

    It is interesting to note that Google Incorporated’s UK headquarters are in Buckingham Palace Road in London. Taxes on Customs & Excise are collected worldwide and funneled into Buckingham Palace – it is a matter of fact that revenues flow into the coffers from the USA and especially the ‘common wealth’ nations.

    BP shareholdings by the British royals and indeed the Dutch royals (who are closely related) are extensive – to say the least – and the crude oil extracted from the Americas by BP, which is then refined into consumer products, marine diesel and automobile fuels, accrues vast revenues for the royal family members in Europe.


    Rio Tinto is a leading international mining group headquartered in the UK, combining Rio Tinto plc, a London and NYSE listed company, and Rio Tinto Limited, which is listed on the Australian Securities Exchange. RTZ’s most famous shareholder is Queen Elizabeth. Rio Tinto’s business is finding, mining, and processing mineral resources.

    Major products are aluminium, copper, diamonds, energy (coal and uranium), gold, industrial minerals (borax, titanium dioxide, salt, talc) and iron ore. Activities span the world but are strongly represented in Australia and North America with significant businesses in South America, Asia, Europe and South Africa. It is this company, as we shall see in this article, which has been sorely overlooked in the millions of blogger pages about the New World Order.

    The standard of living for many millions of people could be dramatically improved by simply increasing pensions and social allowances for disabled people in our society – what I have uncovered in my research is that the British Royals have a personal wealth and portfolio of riches which could very easily be used to greatly improve living standards for everyone – but instead, traditionally, the royals have chosen to invest in companies who supply armaments, aircraft and electronics to the Ministry of Defence and Pentagon.

    First of all, exactly how much tax do British people pay every year?

    Taxation in the United Kingdom earned Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs £660 billion pounds last year – that is the sum which is commonly quoted by MPs and newspapers. Much of that tax comes from the People – not Corporations – who are often able to shutdown their parent company after three years, and start trading under a slightly different name, thus avoiding capital gains tax in perpetuity.

    In Europe, there are many low tax and no tax ‘havens’ such as the Channel Isles, Andorra, Switzerland and Lichtenstein, where ‘paper companies’ are often set up in order to legally avoid taxation. This, of course, makes a mockery of the unwritten law that the wealthier of people in society contribute tax revenue in order to help the disabled & elderly. Workers, however, on the P.A.Y.E system cannot take legal advantage of tax havens, and have the indignation of a large portion of their salary being taxed/stolen at source, with not a jot of thanks from the Inland Revenue – nor, more importantly, is there any explanation as to why they have been taxed and what exactly the tax will be spent on.

    But it is not just Income Tax which brings in Trillions for the royals…

    Everyday products bought by working class people provide the lion’s share of the income accrued by Her Majesty’s Treasury. Much of the asking price of a pint of beer is actually Tax which is paid straight to Central government – there are 4 million pints of beer sold in Britain every day – and each pint earns an average of £1 – £1.90 in tax revenue… so, let’s say that every day, the government earns around £5.5 million from beer x 365 days… this equals more than £2,000,000,000 (two thousand millions) earned per year from pubs… So, as you can see, the officially quoted tax income of £660 billion is far smaller than the actual reality…

    My research and analysis reveals that the British government figures which claim that just under 40% of Gross National Product is returned to the Crown as Tax is wholly misleading. If you add up the figures and statistics in this article, it seems that something more like 70% of all monies in mercantile trade within the commonwealth nations are taxed by the Crown and returned to the Royal coffers – not only that, but the majority of these tax revenues are coming straight out the wage packets and pockets of working class people not corporations.

    Alchemist and astronomer SIR ISAAC NEWTON was head of the ROYAL MINT. He designed the grooves on the edges of coins to repel vagabonds from filing the edges when coins were made of precious metals. Now a days, British coins are made from junk metal – the two pound coin is a typical case in point – where the center can easily be pushed out of the ring. Why is it called the ROYAL MINT? Because ancient herb magic states that if you place MINT in your pocket, it will attract money there.

    The thrust of this article is to show that taxation is nothing about the up-keep of the nation states ruled by the Royals but has everything to do with controlling society. In short, it is my opinion, after extensive research, that taxation is a control valve used to suppress the natural entrepreneurial spirit of the People. And that ‘stealth’ taxes such as parking fines and speed cameras play a vital role in this control mechanism. Whichever way you look at it, the amount of tax is absolutely horrendous – and it is taxation which is responsible for creating downturns in economies, in fact, it is local taxation especially which is used as a weapon by local government to force small businesses to close down, leaving their client’s no choice but to go shopping in the corporate-owned supermarkets and malls.

    Many of these supermarkets have bosses – such as Dame Shirley Porter (of Tescos) and Lord Sainsbury (former advisor to Tony Blair), which have deep relations with the British government – the local businesses right across Britain have been severely affected by one rise in local Council/Business Tax after another, after another. The same situation is mirrored in the USA.
    Income tax & National Insurance contributions are officially stated as the biggest earners for the Crown – but, in truth, apart from tax revenue on beer and cigarettes, VAT (value added tax) and fuel duty are the primary forms of revenue. The chancellor of the exchquer continuously taxes these items – he is not a chancellor at all – but merely a ‘minister for taxation’.

    Just like alcohol, the price of a litre of petrol/gas is mostly all tax – Her Majesty’s government have transformed every pub Landlord, distiller, brewer, tobacconist and petrol pump attendant into an unpaid tax collector .

    There is about £1 of taxation on every litre of petrol. The UK has 20 million drivers, and average fuel consumption is 4 litres per day per vehicle, so, 20 million x 4 = £80,000,000 per day in petrol tax revenue… x 365 days of the year and you have yet another gigantic sum being paid to the Crown’s Inland Revenue = £29,200,000,000.

    The crown’s investment portfolio means that drivers in Canada and the USA are also paying into the royal coffers every time they fill their cars.

    Add to this figure 20 million annual British Road Tax payments, plus a new alternative form of taxation called ‘Speed Cameras’, parking fees (£8 per hour in London), congestion charges and carbon emission taxes – and the British driver is conned into paying no less than £40,000,000,000 a year to the Crown.

    That is enough money to completely replace every inch of all the millions of miles of rail tracks across the whole of Britain – from just one year of tax revenue earned from the hard work of car owners. And let’s face it – many of the railway tracks in Britain are in desperate need of replacement – many millions of people travel to work on trains which run on railway track that was paid for from taxation earned from their great grand-parents !

    The queen effectively wins the lottery every day of the year – with enormous pay-outs from the British people – PLUS enormous earnings from an international investment portfolio which earns so much cash every year that the British isles could be a tax haven – without the need to tax a single citizen – er, sorry, I mean subject. (In fact, the UK is considered a Tax Haven by some multi-millionaires because HM Treasury lets them off so much Corporation Tax).

    Much of the officially stated £600,000,000,000 tax revenue earned each and every year comes from Local government revenues and business rates in England and Wales. Few buildings are exempt from paying local taxes – though, not surprisingly, as reported in Private Eye magazine, Lodges and Temples run by Freemasons are often granted 100% rebates on local taxes! Council Tax and on-street parking fees have massively increased tax revenue for the Crown in recent years, with many local residents having parking meters placed outside their own houses, and fees being charged for parking outside Hospitals!

    In the fiscal year, 2007-08, total government revenue was officially stated as 39.2 per cent of GDP (gross domestic product). Earning a staggering £606,661,000,000 - or put in simpler terms, nearly 40pence of every £1 which changed hands in a profitable transaction from British trade was returned to the Crown.

    Clearly, local government taxation has got way out of hand – as an example, Tower Hamlets, in the shadow of the Tower of London, which houses some of Europe’s most impoverished residents, has a revenue and capital budget of almost £1 billion and employs around 10,000 staff…

    That is just ONE of the many London borough councils – whose annual taxation of Londoners exceeds 6 billion pounds annually… Just imagine if there was a local tax moritorium imposed for just 1 year – Londoners would be able to spend billions in their local economy, thus creating higher profits for businesses operating in the Capital,and many smaller businesses would be able to invest in improvements to their facilities and services. Londoners would be able to decorate their own homes, visit more restaurants, maybe upgrade their car or start their own businesses - taxation, without question, holds back economies – and this can be clearly seen in London where some of the most affluent and well-heeled areas sit geographically right next to some of the poorest neighborhoods in Western Europe.

    Nowadays, it is impossible to purchase an apartment for less than £148,000 in London – and an average family sized house is likely to cost at least £190,000. Many houses in London are now priced at £260,000 and above, with more than 80,000 properties presently for sale in the capital which have a price tag in excess of £1 million.

    Londoners work very hard to sustain their house bills and mortgages – but for the Royals, life is completely different…

    How the Other Half Live…

    In the 1930s, a third of British children suffered growth defects caused by malnutrition. This is the era in which Queen Elizabeth II grew up - whilst beggars and child prostitutes fought hand and mouth for food and favour from the rich outside the walls of royal palaces, the young Elizabeth was being groomed to take her place as an adult princess – she had her own child sized six roomed thatched cottage in the garden of the Royal Lodge at Royal Windsor Great Park (situated near Windsor Castle).

    The London Times reported; ‘The Small House is fully furnished with running water, electric light, and a wireless.’ Architect John Nash rebuilt Royal Lodge for King George the 4th and it became one of the Queen Mother’s many homes. She died there, aged 101, after a century of indulgence, fine champagne and enjoying whole-body blood transfusions at the tax payer’s expense.

    Windsor Great Park is actually owned by the Crown and makes up just one of literally hundreds of desirable and valuable properties that earn enormous revenues for the Queen. The extent and value of her personal wealth is so vast that it is officially unknown. Managers and investment advisers are employed on a ‘need to know’ basis and are only privy to the earnings accrued from the section of the royal investment portfolio which they manage themselves.

    The BBC and London Times have published articles and made documentaries which hint and attempt to estimate the value of her royal highness’ private collection of palaces, castles, jewelry, artworks, corporate stocks, shares and bonds around the world. Nineteen years ago, in 1991, the Financial Times estimated Her Majesty’s private and personal investment portfolio was worth at least £3 billion. Today, it is likely to have tripled, as the price of everyday items in British shops has more often than not doubled every 7 years. The Fondo Trust is just one part of the monarch’s investment portfolio, rumoured to have at least £800 million of holdings, and this is passed on to the new heir – free from inheritance tax, of course.

    The Queen’s great grandfather, King Edward VII, inherited a vast fortune which had partly been earned from diamond and gold mined in third world nations. Already, by the time of his reign, the royals had employed a large army of brilliant financiers and advisors to grow their portfolios.

    King Edward the VII’s main banker was a Hungarian named Baron Hirsch. When Baron Hirsch died in 1896, his position as leading financial adviser passed on to Ernest Cassel, whose daughter and heiress, Edwina, married Lord Louis Mountbatten. Merchant bankers NM Rothschild’s, American financiers J.P. Morgan, E.H. Harriman and the Sassoon family have all played important roles serving the British monarchy - many were personal friends of King Edward VII.

    I am repeatedly annoyed by the poorly researched material distributed on the blogosphere about these banking families – many people have mistaken these merchant bankers as the people who control the New World Order – the fact of the matter is that they do indeed have historical influence on the economies of many nations where they have traded – but these merchant banking families are very often servants of the British-Bavarian royal elite and their fortunes are dwarfed by the mind numbing wealth of the Royals.

    Since the 1800s,

    There has been asset stripping Africa and India and building vast estates which are now almost impossible to value accurately. Their investments are global, with rumors’s suggesting that Queensland in Australia is actually owned by the royal Crown Estates (perhaps that would explain the reason for it’s name), and every building in Regent Street in central London is owned by the Crown Estates. Officially, the Crown Estates are custodians, merely owning properties on behalf of the British people – but that, as far as I am concerned, is nothing but window dressing and political double-speak - as at no time in history has any of the Crown Estates been sold off in order to build hospitals or fund public services. On the rare occasions when there are sell-offs, they are usually Leasehold, and the properties eventually return back to the Crown.

    From 1953 up until 1992,

    The monarchy paid not a single penny in tax!

    More than 2,400 tax rises took place in that period, with the cost of goods being ramped due to massive amounts of duty being levied on them. In 1992, a paltry £1million was begrudgingly handed over in ‘tax’ – perhaps this is the reason why the queen described 1992 as her “Anus Horribilis”.

    In the same year, a mysterious fire at Windsor Castle resulted in taxpayers being told that they would have no less than £30 Million taken from their wage packets to pay for the damage! Ten years later, in 2002, the Queen apparently was not required to pay tax on the cash bequeathed in her mother’s will. The Queen Mother often gave the impression that she was ‘broke’. But she owned not one, but TWO castles! Allegedly, £140 million was placed in Swiss Trusts for the benefit of her grandchildren… If true, then this shows that the Queen Mum was one of the wealthiest people in the world. She was allegedly in debt due to horse racing gambling fetishes – if this is true, then surely a 100 year old woman would not have needed TWO castles and one of these giant estates have been commercialized or sold off or rented out as a hotel to take the burden off her ‘debts’.

    The Rothschilds are probably only slightly wealthier than the world famous Barings Bank, whose immense profitibility is intimately tied to the Opium trade, and who have served the Royals since the era of the Opium Wars with China. In fact, Hong Komg was ‘stolen’ from mainland China during the Opium Wars in which the British Crown attempted to sell large quantities of foreign Opium to the Chinese peasantry. Millions of pounds were made during this era – in which we saw the emergence of one of the world’s biggest banks – HSBC – The Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation.

    In short, recalculated at today’s value, King Edward VII was the custodian of a British portfolio of properties and investments which exceeded £45 million – and that was 65 years before the invention of Television! Nowadays, the royals have created a very fine, rosewood paneled labrynth of beautifully appointed offices and ‘front companies’ in which to hide their investments. Why? Do the royals have any embarrassing investments in distasteful or toxic enterprises? Such as mining which exploits the land of peasants and the highly toxic business of uranium, nuclear warheads and crude oil?

    Read on…

    One such front organisation (called a ‘nominee company’) which allegedly procures and manages corporate holdings for Buckingham Palace is Bank of England Nominees Ltd.

    Many authors have cited this organisation as heading investment portfolios for not only the British royals but also for the Kuwaiti royal family, the Sultan of Brunei, King Bhumibhol Adulayadej of Thailand, King Fahd of Saudi Arabia and, allegedly, Mr Saddam Hussein! Having such a ‘nominee’ company is, of course, no crime in itself – but I would like to see that investments which are purchased using money extracted directly from workers’ pay packets should all be open to public scrutiny. The royals have, in effect, used the exact same corporate ‘fronts’ to hide from their citizens the true nature of their investments and, indeed, the colossal wealth which they have amassed… Wealth which has enabled them to purchase vast tracts of land worldwide which are sometimes referred to as ‘duchys’.


    In addition to the total monarchial control of the Inland Revenue, Royal Mint and Crown Estates, the British monarchy have their own personal land estates – these are properties which at no time can be claimed by the British People and are always, under rule of law, considered to be private estates. One such estate is the vast Duchy of Lancaster which consists of 46,200 acres (18,700 hectares) which includes hamlets, villages, towns, historic buildings, and farm land right across England and Wales.

    Some of the largest holdings are in the county of Lancashire. As of fiscal year 2007, the Duchy of Lancaster is valued at £397 million, earning Queen Elizabeth an officially stated net profit of £11.9 million – or, put another way, she has a private income from this Duchy equivalent to nearly £33,000 per day. Most people in the world dream of earning £33,000 in an entire year – and it is likely that recent urban developments on Duchy land will see this daily profit rise to £40,000 by the time that the next coronation takes place. Income tax is paid voluntarily on all profits from the Duchy of Lancaster.

    The duchy is not the property of ‘The Crown’ (which is a label used to perpetuate the pretense that British People own the property) but is instead the personal property of the monarch and has been since 1399, when the Dukedom of Lancaster, held by Henry of Bolingbroke merged with the crown on his appropriation of the throne (after the dispossession from Richard II). In addition to holding land in Lancashire, the Duchy of Lancaster also exerts political powers in Greater Manchester, Merseyside and the Furness area of Cumbria, which together form the County Palatine of Lancaster.

    This area of Britain is populated by some of the poorest families in Europe, with disgusting living conditions. Elevators full of piss are a common sight, and the level of vandalism and graffiti is, perhaps, a subconscious reaction to the immense inequality witnessed in this region.
    Since the Local Government Act of 1972 , the Duchy holds and exerts the right to appoint Sheriffs and Lords Lieutenants in Greater Manchester, Merseyside and Lancashire, including those areas from the historic county boundaries. The Crown Estate is only slightly different when compared with the Duchy of Lancashire – a Crown Estate property (such as those in Regent Street) still belong to the monarch, but is officially said to be no longer the private property of the reigning monarch and cannot be sold by him/her, nor do the revenues from it belong to the monarch personally. In exchange, a vast sum of money is paid to the Royals every year – untaxed – directly from the tax levied on hard working British people. The surplus revenue from the Crown Estates is paid each year to Her Majesty’s Treasury and is meant to be accountable to Parliament via it’s undemocratically elected directors who are called ‘Commissioners’.


    So, let us now take a closer look at these so called ‘Crown Estates’… What we have here is a portfolio of some of the world’s most famous landmarks and buildings worth a conservative £6 billion, with urban properties valued at £4.2 billion, and rural holdings valued at £919.5 million; and an annual profit of £226.5 million – that’s almost £1 million profit per day earned from rental and lease incomes. The majority of the estate’s income is derived from urban cities - most notably properties in central London.

    The Crown’s estate also owns 272,000 acres (110,000 hectares) of agricultural land and forest, and, wait for it, more than half of the UK’s foreshore – beaches, ports, promenades, piers etc. It also includes Ascot racecourse and the aforementioned Windsor Great Park… I think you’re beginning to get the ‘big picture’… This cozy little arrangement, where vast amounts of tax free cash is paid directly into the bank accounts of Royals has continued, with every succeeding sovereign renewing the arrangement made between King George III and Parliament and is now recognized as “an integral part of the Constitution [which] would be difficult to abandon”. That is, of course, an odd term – as Britain does not have an official ‘Constitution’.

    Ireland and a Right Royal Scam…

    In 1793, George III surrendered the hereditary revenues of Ireland, and was granted a Civil List annuity for certain expenses of Irish civil government. As in Scotland, the Crown lands in Ireland comprised a portfolio of feudal dues, forts, and forfeitures. In the early 1830s, the Crown Estate resumed possession of land in Ballykilcline. The tenants were seven years in arrear with their rent and the result was the Ballykilcline “removals” – where families were shattered and shipped off to the new world in 1846. Irish people, more than any other nation, perhaps know the true meaning of the ‘New World Order’. In 1854, a select committee of the House of Lords rubber stamped a plan to sell off 7,000 acres that earned the crown £25,000 at auction and £10,000 by private treaty – Irish monies were promptly banked in London and Zurich and henceforth, the Irish economy would be a stool pigeon raped and barraged from international trade by the oligarchial merchant bankers and aristocratic governors and puppet prime ministers that have since managed the affairs of the Irish people.


    Crown lands in Scotland are vast and extensive – some royal properties have boundaries which stretch beyond the horizon. The royals have absolutely no genetic ties to Scotland whatsoever. In fact, the Stewart strain of royals have been largely marginalised. Balmoral is, as it were, a fortress estate which is used as a ‘photo opportunity’ by the royals each Christmas. They like to give the impression that they have ‘Scottish roots’. The royals wear kilts for the cameras, but the abject poverty and opiate abuse in Scottish urban areas (watch the film Trainspotting), is a proverbial million miles from the stag and fowl killing fields in the Highlands where the royals prance and sneer, having barbecues on the shores of ancient Lochs which bear witness over the aeons of this magickal land being traded and occupied by aggressive super-rich Barbarians from southern and western Europe. Scotland – and it’s North Sea Oil - are the jewel in the British crown’s portfolio of mineral and fossil fuel assets. Independence of Scotland is a vulgar topic in royal circles – as it would imply that the enormous earnings from oil rigs and Scottish crude would be ‘lost’ and owned by the Scottish people. Tut tut. The hereditary land revenues of the Crown in Scotland were transferred to the Commissioners of Woods, Forests, Land Revenues, Works and Buildings in the 1800s. These holdings mainly comprised of former ecclesiastical land (following the abolition of the episcopacy in 1689) in Caithness and Orkney, and ancient royal possessions in Stirling (the former capital) and Edinburgh, and feudal dues. In fact, if these dispossessed monasteries and churches were to reassert their rights, a very plausible legal claim to have these valuable Scottish highlands returned to them could conceivably be fought and won in the court of Human Rights.

    Most of the present Scottish estates in the grip of the Bavarian-British royals include loch foreshores and salmon fishing rights. The wonderful Glenlivet Estate is the largest area of land managed by The Crown Estate in Scotland, purchased in 1937, with Applegirth, Fochabers and Whitehill estates, purchased in 1963, 1937 and 1969 coming a close second. On these ancient glens and lochs, people suffering under the burden of high taxation work, tipping their caps to the Germanic-British oligarchs to wander into the forests once or twice a year shouting “shoot what gives you pleasure”.

    The Scottish Parliament was begrudgingly set up as a kwango ‘talking shop’ to allay fears that politically active Scottish celebrities, such as Sean Connery, would tip the balance and ‘wake up’ the Scottish people to the fact that they are an immensely wealthy nation who should govern their own affairs.

    Without Scottish engineers and inventors, the world not have Television, Trains nor Telephones! Scotland is not – and has never been – truly part of the English ‘United Kingdom’. Scottish rulers and people in the ancient times of the Roman Empire successfully asserted their independence and rights – and I hope that one day Scottish people will rise up in the Glens, flush out the Westminster pay rolled beaureucrats and freemasons in Edinburgh and take back what is rightfully theirs – a land and set of islands and oil-rich seas which are the most historically important and beautiful places in the northern hemisphere.

    Fortunes have been made and lost in the age-old trading of diamonds. Three of the world’s largest diamonds are owned by the British Crown. Their combined value is in excess of $1,000million dollars. If these diamonds were re-cut and sold, the accrued fund of money could be placed in a high return deposit savings account, producing an annual income which would provide enough cash to provide the National Health Service with Scanners and dialysis machines FOREVER. Additionally, African communities in the area where the diamonds were originally discovered would also benefit from an annual income.


    Diamonds are made from one of the most common elements in the universe – carbon. Formed by the searing heat of the Earth’s core, carbon transforms into crystalline forms, becoming one of the most durable and hard substances found in the known universe. Diamonds are brought to the surface by underground flows of lava – and with modern ground penetrating radar, location of these gems has become easier as each decade has gone by.

    The British Royal Family’s ‘Crown Jewels’, held in the Tower of London, which overshadows some of the tenement buildings which house British-Indians who rioted and stood up against Nazi-thug-Aristocrat Sir Oswald Mosley in the 1940s, contains the second largest diamond found on planet Earth… Known as the Star of Africa (also known as the Cullinan), it is 530.2 carats – in comparison, the average wedding ring is 0.25 carats! The Star of Africa dwarfs the ring British actor Richard Burton gave Elizabeth Taylor - which weighs a mere 69.42 carats – barely 1/8th of the value and size of the Star of Africa! The Star of Africa’s value is difficult to estimate – almost certainly there would only be a handful of people on the planet who could afford such a diamond. A conservative valuation which is now more than a decade out of date is that the Star of Africa is worth $525 – 625 million dollars…

    But that’s not all… there is a companion gem in the same collection known as the Lesser Star of Africa, weighing in at an astounding 317.4 carats. Tourists who have been conned out of paying circa £10 entrance fee to the Tower of London have earned the royals back the paltry sums paid for these enormous stones many times over. It is most certainly true that the royals attract tourism – and the extortionate prices of teas and coffees and cakes and books at royal properties shows that quite a few millions of pounds are made from tourism - but that money is kept by the royals – and meanwhile, the nation of Africa, stripped bare in the 1700s and 1800s, it’s genetically most energetic and intelligent people spread and scattered across the globe, receives not a single penny or ‘royalty’ on the Tower of London tourist trade which these huge African diamonds attract.

    These diamonds have been in the royal collection for many decades, and during this epoch of history, the entire southern region of Africa has been asset stripped by companies who trade gems for the royal-aristocratic elite. Marshal Law has existed in South Africa as a permanent para-military political status quo for many decades – and I wonder if this has to do with suppression of the African people’s rights to take control of the huge gold and gem resources which they have under their feet? It was a topic which Mandela never spoke of. Many black Africans live in fear of AIDS and abject poverty, but their shanty towns are very likely built on land which – underneath their feet - has some of the greatest treasures yet to be discovered.
    In South Africa (known at the Palace as ‘RSA Royal South Africa’), many impoverished families hope of getting a job at the Diamond mines owned by DeBeers. In 2002, a British documentary aired on Channel 4 television which showed the phenomenal output of diamonds in one of the facilities in South Africa – what we, the general public, consider a rare and valuable gem, is in fact very common in the subterranean strata of the planet – and the images of conveyer belts carrying vast amounts of diamonds directly into a nuke proof vault juxtapositioned against footage of the local peasants left me with an urge to one day visit and make my own film about the injustices of the ‘system’ in South Africa. Diamonds have industrial use as well as being cut and polished for the gem trade.

    I have filmed the shops in Antwerp, Amsterdam and Hatton Gardens in London and never once seen any native African person involved in the retail of these African gems. Very large diamonds such as those owned by the British Royals are rare – but the actual truth of the matter is that small mountains of uncut minor gems are held in vaults underneath the runway of Zurich airport in Switzerland, and since the Victorian era, the royals have carefully controlled the flow of diamonds onto the open market. Rumored to have been found in Afghanistan, near the Indian border, the Indian Koh-I-Nor diamond, previously owned by the builder of the Taj Mahal, Sha Jahan, at 105 carats, was at one time (before the discovery of the Star of Africa) considered the largest diamond on Earth – but both of the world’s largest diamonds are now owned by the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-Windsors.

    Like Africa, the people of India have also had their nation asset stripped – and the famine, puppet dictators and permanent British mercinary-military presence in Africa and parts of India is a legacy of the hateful greed which personifies the avaristic ambitions of the British-Bavarian royals.

    The British media have recently had a rye old time deploring African leaders who claim that the farms owned by European settlers (some of which are enormous – verging on the size of London and the home counties – dwarfing in size some minor nation states) have had a detrimental effect on the economy of their countries and that these giant estates should now be run to benefit the local population – not just the imperialist Dutch, German and British settlers who purchased these farms for pennies and now earn their profits from European corporate supermarkets. In the many hours of ‘chattering’ on the subject of Mr Mugabe, the BBC and other NewsFeed outlets have rather conveniently ignored the other, perhaps more atrocious injustices, of the gem trade.

    Pictured above is a work of art entitled “For the Love of God”, which is a diamond covered skull sculpted by jewellers under the direction of British artist Damien Hirst. Skulls are often used in ceremonies by the world’s ichest people – such as the Bush family when they attend the SKULL & BONES HQ at Yale University in the USA. Damien Hirst named
    his creation “For the Love of God” – begging the question is ‘God’ Satan? The sculpture is meant to be covered with 8,601 real diamonds and Hirst claims he spent about $20 million USD making it. His price tag of $100 million USD did not deter a “group of investors” who bought the sculpture in 2007. A rhinestone parody of Hirst’s skull has been featured in pop videos by rapper Jay-Z.

    No wonder then, that many of these huge diamonds usually come with a curse attached, and the Koh-I-Nor, which was greedily snatched from the people of the Himilayas and placed in the royal collection during Queen Victoria’s reign, is no exception. Family fortunes have been made and lost dealing in diamonds. Many murders have been committed over them. Millions of local African and Indian people have been savagely exploited in the mining of them – and for what? So that the Argos catalogue can flog rings of gold (which is also a business based on inequality, slavery and the destruction of the landscape) set with a tiny infintisimal diamond slither which is meant to signify ‘love’.

    Whenever journalists and investigators criticize the extraction industries, Public Relations lobbyists are carted in to explain that oil erosion, destruction of habitat, re-routing of rivers and possible deaths of miners are all part and parcel of the industrial world which provides Mankind with his essential raw materials that contribute towards his comforts. But what, may I ask, is ‘essential’ about the diamond industry?

    Many hundreds of lives have been lost, landscapes have been trashed and local wildlife killed in the quest of the royal-political elite to have their shiny crystals. It is barbaric and unnecessary. One can imagine low paid diamond miners cursing under their breath in the stifling and toxic conditions which they work in – casting hexes on the idle rich who pay extravagant sums of cash for these crystals. One such cursed customer was Evalyn Walsh McLean.

    The blue Hope Diamond was sold by Cartier to Evalyn Walsh McLean, an American socialite and great beauty, is said, like all other large diamonds, to be cursed. Many experts have speculated that the Hope Diamond was cut from an enormous blue diamond known as the ‘Tavernier’ which had been stolen from the French King Louis XVI while he was in prison at the time of the French Revolution in 1792. The Tavernier was almost certainly cut and in 1812, the Hope diamond appeared for sale on the open market. Newspapers and scandal rags have often published lascivious stories about how owners of the 45.52 carat stone have met misfortune of one type or another. The most common alleged rumor is that Evalyn McLean became a morphine addict and her death from pneumonia was attributed to the curse of the Tavernier. The curse of the Indian Koh-i-Nor as it has been traded from one rich family to another has gained remarkable notoriety. Not withstanding the curse, both India and Afganistan are demanding its return. Perhaps another reason why ‘Taliban” (which means ’student’) has become a dirty word in the Media, is that the Taliban have promoted the notion that it should be returned to the nation where it was originally discovered. Legends of the Koh-i-Nor diamond say it is 5,000 years old – and that the curse will bring evil to any owner. Perhaps it does.


    British people are not citizens. They are subjects over which the monarchy rule.

    There is no constitution. The ‘elected’ prime minister can only take office after he has asked the monarch for permission to do so. For example, the monarch can do whatever he or she wishes by invoking what is known as the Crown Prerogative which dictates there can be no questioning of Her Majesty’s government when it comes to issues such as the toxic business of poisoning Britain through the building and operating of nuclear power stations. Corrupt Members of Parliament (who were recently exposed making false expenses claims by Channel 4 and ITN in the UK) are not even allowed to speculate publicly about the vast fortune of the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha royals. It’s all secret.

    Consequently, Queen Elizabeth often presides over a meeting of Intelligence officers. Waterford crystal and cucumber sandwiches (no crust of course) are munched at the tax payers’ expense so that members of the Joint Intelligence Committee can brief her on the activities of all of the British Secret Services. One may like to ponder exactly what may come up in the conversation… I could have a few educated guesses; for example, spies from MI5 have in the past monitored the Ploughshares Group who were opposed to the stationing of nuclear cruise missiles on British soil; and let us not forget that intelligence officers posed as miners and spied and infiltrated various Socialist Worker Parties in the 1970s, including tapping the phone of British actress Vanessa Redgrave.

    Apparently, the regular meetings between spy chiefs and our beloved queen are not just a one way exchange – the monarch allegedly also gives instructions (via palace secretaries of course) recommending appointments to certain posts within MI5 and MI6. In the 40 years between 1952 – 1992 the Queen avoided paying tax. Does she really have any respect for the British people?

    Just take a close look at her facial expressions on those rare occasions when the royal family step out onto the balcony at Buckingham Palace. Complete and utter control of the BBC news feeds has allowed – up until now – a very effective ‘news blackout’ on the investments of the royals. Some of those investments have been in the Nuclear electric industries. What exactly would happen if Sellafield (formerly Windscale) blew up? What exactly would happen if a British version of Three Mile Island poisoned Britain?

    For many years, it has been rumored amongst workers at Royal Air Force airfields close to London that the royals would escape…

    Where, exactly, are the royals likely to escape to? They are verily spoilt forchoice. The abdicated King Edward (real name David) used to deal (illegally) in foreign currency transactions from the Bahamas, and the Queen’s sister, Margaret is allegedly the owner of an island there called Mustique. Perhaps that is the bolthole they would choose? With billions of cash and bullion stashed in private merchant banks and the worldwide network of NM Rothschild’s facilities at their disposal, the royals might take up residence (finally) in Australia.

    On October the 17th, 1956, the queen opened Calder Hall nuclear power station - and the BBC told us that British nuclear power stations would provide so much electricity that it would be ‘too cheap to meter.’ What a mammoth lie!

    In 1993 – just at the point where Greenpeace and ecology groups had successfully highlighted the dangers of the Nuclear Industry – it came to light the Queen had a ‘Civil List Surplus’ of £35 Million. If that sum had been deposited in the British Nationwide Building Society, it would have given the royals an annual income of more than £1 million per year forever. Queen Elizabeth had allegedly named this fund The Queen’s Reserve.

    But, unfortunately for the workers of Britain, this massive sum of cash, taken from tax payers’ wage packets has all been spent! Allegedly, another £6 Million annually was added to her annual Civil List payment following this outlandish squandering of cash – which was virtually unreported in the British media.

    Whereon Earth did all this money go?

    Speculators have alleged that previous royal investments in the Nuclear Power industry and the bad reputation of power plants which had been previously been promoted by the royals has caused an extravagant drop in the potential value of royal investments in this highly toxic industry. Propping drooping share values may indeed, allegedly, be the reason why huge sums of cash have dwindled and ’disappeared’. Aldermaston, Sellafield, Sizewell and Calder Hall have seldom had anything to with creating cheap electricity for the British people.

    For Part 2 go here or the next post:

    Energy flows where attention goes...

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    Re: (Need to Know) The 'Royal' Trillions $$$...(Where Does it ALL Come From)..?

    Part 2...

    The Nuclear industry works hand in hand with the arms manufacturers and it is Uranium and Plutonium which is the central aim of production. Nuclear power stations are built to produce nuclear weapons for Her Majesty’s Government.

    From the very beginning of the nuclear power nightmare, the British government have hidden the toxic mess and enormous running costs of the ‘power plants’ promoted by the queen. Massive subsidies taken directly out of pay packets of the workers of Britain have been re-distributed to the Nuclear Barons who operate a clandestine, poisonous regime protected by Her Majesty’s Official Secrets Act.

    Fuel for these nuclear installations is largely derived from mines in the Americas, Canada and Africa. The uranium mining company Rio Tinto Zinc (RTZ) was formed by one of the queen’s favoured advisors ‘Tiny’ Rowland – who, like our present pope, had been a former member of the Nazi youth movement. No doubt that Prince Philip and Tiny Rowland would have had much to discuss - especially swapping stories of how they were educated in the NAZI system, where pupils would swap Heil Hitler salutes as they passed in the corridors of the Schloss Salem school and other institutions like it.

    Like so many entrepreneurs, Tiny Rowland made his fortune asset stripping Africa. The African continent is not only the major source of diamond riches for the royals – but it is also an important source of uranium yellow cake used in the nuclear reactors which the queen’s government have tirelessly built and subsidised since the 1950s. It is from this uranium that plutonium is created – a wholly manmade element named after the destructive forces of the demonic astral entities worshiped and summoned by magicians and alchemists who have previously been employed by the royalty and aristocracy of Europe.

    If anyone tries to tell you that alchemical ambitions to transform one element into another is a scientific possibility – then point them in the direction of the many nuclear power plants which sit on the foreshore of Britain. That foreshore, let us not forget, is almost wholly owned by the Crown Estates. Britain’s first nuclear reactor was a ‘pile’ of highly radioactive uranium at Aldermaston. Between 1958 & 1977, British nuclear reactors manufactured enough nuclear material to fill nuclear warheads for the next two centuries. Uranium is also used in passenger jets as ballast (usually placed in the tail fin). Whichever way you look at it, the uranium business has brought in huge profits for the aristocratic great and the good. With an endless supply of taxpayers billions and Marmaduke Hussy at the helm of the BBC allegedly managing the news feeds to suppress and deflect criticism about children suffering from luekemia close to Windscale/Sellafield, Britain’s nuclear industry has been the root and branch of the global weapons and missiles business, where firms such as British Aerospace, GEC Marconi and many others have profited. Those profits have created dividends for shareholders – and eventually, in 2002, even the BBC had to admit that the royals held vast shareholdings in many these military-industrial corporations.

    The Royal Nuclear Nightmare

    The valuable uranium mined by RTZ is sold at a profit – and some of that profit is paid in dividends to her majesty – operators of nuclear submarines are very good customers. So far, eight nuclear submarines have sunk as a consequence of either accident or extensive damage: two from the United States, four from the Soviet Navy, and two from the Russian Navy. All sank as a result of accidents with the exception of K-27, which was scuttled in the Kara Sea when repair was deemed impossible and decommissioning too ‘expensive’. All of the Soviet/Russian submarines belonged to the Northern Fleet . Although the Soviet submarine K-129 (Golf II) carried nuclear ballistic missiles when it sank, it was diesel powered and is not in the official list, so that’s alright then. There are
    probably sunken British nuclear subs too – but we’re not allowed to know about that because they are covered by Her Majesties Official Secrets Act!

    During research for my new film SUPERSTATE, which shall soon be given away for free to all the annual subscribers of Feed Your Brain Magazine, I discovered that in recent years French schools no longer teach any advanced subjects such as Music or Geometry, Astronomy nor Geology. A new breed of ignoramus French peasants have been created so that they can be easily duped by the creation of the European Superstate. Consequently, and through no fault of their own, many French people have severe problems understanding angles, fractions and are not noted for their mastery of high technology. The very old fashioned state schooling system has robbed them of technological expertise - even the Louvre pyramids had to be constructed using companies in Canada and there has been concern expressed to me by British engineers building the A380 super-jumbo at Toulouse that the French component in the project had not been delivered to the agreed specification, or on time. Therefore, it was rather surprising that in May 2009, Her Majesty’s government granted the French corporation EDF (Electricité de France) permission to build two EPR installations in Somerset and another two in Suffolk. Even the NII criticised the overly complex control system built by the French. Does the queen own shares in EDF? Why can’t British engineers be commissioned to build power plants nowadays? And do we really need to take the risk of installing foreign-manufactured highly dangerous nuclear facilities on British soil?

    Frankly, after decades of toxic disasters and the end of the Cold War, with little or no chance of ever getting any cheap electricity from these dangerous reactors, it is dangerous tomfoolery for Her Majesty’s government to persist with the building of nuclear power plants. The cores will remain radioactive for up to 25,000 years, and the decommissioning costs will always cancel out any ‘profits’ from the paltry amounts of electricity which these monstrous inventions produce. Furthermore, these new French EPR European Pressurized Reactors (EPRs) ‘cook’ the nuclear fuel producing up to fifteen times more higher grade toxic material than even the reactors at Chernobyl (three of which continued to operate after the fourth reactor exploded in a mushroom cloud which drifted over Wales and caused many ‘special offers’ on Welsh lamb to be sold in British supermarkets!). A leak from one of these French EPR reactors – even a tiny leak of just a few millilitres of nuclear waste – could effectively release into the biosphere above Bristol and Norwich much higher levels of carcinogenic radiation – more even than the constant toxic poisoning which local residents near Sellafield/Windscale have suffered in years gone by. No wonder, then, that at RAF Brize Norton, a permanently fuelled ready-to-scramble luxury jet sits on the tarmac awaiting an emergency evacuation of the royals should there be a British version of the Chernobyl catastrophe!

    The Royal Boxes of Secrets

    The queen, of course, has full access to all British State Secrets, through the Red Box system of governmental management in which black cabs and limos ferry red leather cases stuffed with details of daily decisions made by government ministers to the back door of Buckingham Palace every night.

    Consequently, our beloved queen has prior knowledge of the purchase of fleets of vehicles and aircraft by her Royal Air Force and Police – amongst many other items of potentially profitable information. Insider Trading is, in essence, the financial art of buying shares before the announcement of a big order, then selling them after the share price has been ‘ramped’ with publicity. Very often, a high profile parliamentary announcement and a lot of back slapping has been the order of the day – with huge profits potentially to be made by anyone in the Palace or especially within the hushed halls of the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI). There is more than enough circumstantial evidence to press charges of ‘insider trading’ which has been committed at Buckingham Palace and the other 30 royal palaces and castles in the British isles for many centuries.

    The Media do a very good job either blundering or deliberately hiding the fact that the queen and several members of the royal family are the richest people in the world. If someone tells you that one of the tabloid celebrities is the ‘richest person in the world’ tell them to take a look at the THIRTY royal residences in Britain – the queen personally owns several sketchbooks by Leonardo da Vinci and Reubens – each individual page of these sketchbooks is worth more than all the TV celebrities’ wages put together.

    But to prove such a case would require forensic accounting specialists and possibly a ‘sting’ operation. Notwithstanding that, most judges and magistrates are acquiesant to the sensitive position of the Crown via the ’honors system’, and thus, the Crown portfolio of investments and any ‘insider trading’ is kept strictly confidential – perhaps due to the fact that to be seen holding shares in companies such as Shell Oil, which were distributing weapons to African agent provocateurs and were implicated in the judicial assassination of Ken Sarawera and holding stocks in British Petroleum who have just destroyed the ecology of the entire Gulf of Mexico – just “wouldn’t be cricket”!

    Andrew Morton, who wrote the authorized biography of Princess Diana, is a man who the British public owe a great debt to. Through the publication of Mr Morton’s articles, we have confirmation that the queen has had long term holdings in Rio Tinto Zinc (RTZ) stretching back to at least the 1960s.

    In addition to Mr Morton’s expose, a disgruntled associate at the Bank of England spilled the royal beans to author Philip Beresford, author of The British Rich, and found that the queen prefers to invest in mining stocks, such as Rio Tinto Zinc and Electricity generating companies – perhaps this explains the Crown’s avid fascination with nuclear power? And perhaps it also explains the ridiculous scams and overpricing of solar panels? Other royal share holdings include agro-chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers – many of which are involved in GM seed manipulation – and, of course, the aforementioned Shell Oil – but let’s give that company it’s full title – it’s actually called Royal Dutch Shell. The next time an entire eco system and beach is filled with sludge – we’ll refer to that as ‘Royal Sludge’.

    In a very rare outburst of democratic fervour, the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee discovered that an international cartel, of which Rio Tinto Zinc was a major partner, had been formed in 1971 to fix the world’s uranium prices. It seems that American upstart corporation, Westinghouse, has had the cheek to move in on Mam’s uranium monopoly. Westinghouse have called ‘bad wicket!’ and a federal grand jury in the USA presented corroborating evidence of RTZ’s role in a price fixing global monopoly on uranium. Whoops.

    In order to protect Rio Tinto executives and, of course, their richest shareholder - the queen – from being subpoened, Law Lord Denning quashed Westinghouse’s ability to take depositions in the United Kingdom. Who is Lord Denning? He is one of a handful of un-elected Law Lords who have consistently let pedophile priests and other sex offenders off the hook – especially those sadists who have got themselves jobs in the prison warden racket and who own Care Homes. A famous Law Lord quote, following a ruling where an abuser who molested a 7 year old was let off scot free is that the girl “…was no angel…”.

    Most of the British Law Lords and the judges who serve under them have had medals given to them by the Queen. Westinghouse’s attorneys presented evidence on June 16, 1976, in court hearings and consequently, Mr Jerry McAfee, chairman of the Gulf Oil corporation voiced his opinion that the cartel (in which RTZ was his corporate partner) had “criminally conspired” to falsely increase the price of uranium on the world market. Oh dear. And when the Tennessee Valley Authority tried to sue RTZ for price fixing, the U.S. Attorney General again demanded testimony from RTZ executives.

    However, the directors of RTZ and the queen were once again protected by the Law Lords, who claimed RTZ directors did not have to appear before an American court, as this was “an unacceptable invasion of British sovereignty.”

    But how about the European Superstate? Is that not also a major violation of British sovereignty? Never forget that there is one law for the poor – and NO LAWfor the rich! If industry analysts can be believed, it seems that RTZ are involved in far more than just mining for uranium – crude oil has also played a major role in the corporate investment strategy of Her Majesty – and RTZ has been somewhat of a ‘jewel in the crown’ of blue chip stock having been involved in developing the Scottish reserves of North Sea Oil since the 1970s. From the summer of 1975 on wards, RTZ and the Texaco corporation (who – unlike RTZ -are a major retailer of refined crude) were exploiting the North Sea’s Argyll OilField – making vast fortunes from a natural asset which should have been used to benefit the citizens of Scotland. Once refined, much of the petrol was retailed via British Petroleum, a corporation which has allegedly enjoyed royal patronage for many decades. In fact, BP has a rather ‘royal’ pedigree, as it is a modern day version of the old Anglo-Persian cartel which was exploiting Persian oil reserves during the reign of King George the 5th. The Anglo-Persian corporate apparatus was eventually divested and rearranged and given a make-over, eventually, in part, evolving into BP.

    Consciousness TV | THE ROYAL TRILLIONS
    Energy flows where attention goes...

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    Re: The 'Royal' Trillions - Where Does it ALL Come From?

    That's one hell of a long post. I'll definitely spend some time reading it and I'll come back and post my thoughts on.
    You know they are listening to you but they can't hear you.

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