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Thread: TT Brown, a Counter-Intelligence Operative?

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    Re: TT Brown, a Counter-Intelligence Operative?

    It isn't? I can't leave my answer at just that question ... because it won't post something so short. <g>

    Dear Amy.... did you think that this particular thread was going to be about you? Sorry.... I didn't think that you wanted to go there. Please read what is happening here..and the response that Pimander put up. Here you have a petition out there for the release of electrogravity. His response doesn't concern you???

    if you want to have a thread about you personally and what you know then do as I asked Lady of Light to do and request a thread. I think that it will be very interesting to see what it is that you actually have to say.

    I should have thought that you would have wanted information on the man that you have linked to your own father?


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    Re: TT Brown, a Counter-Intelligence Operative?

    Ah. I see. Well, I know Pim thinks EG is "dead." And maybe They have moved into even more esoteric realms... BUT, I do not believe that EG is worthless - and in fact, I am certain it can draw energy from the plenum. And it is for THAT purpose I seek its release.
    "If the universe is made of mostly dark energy...can We use it to run Our cars?"
    "If You want Peace, take the profit out of war."
    "Information will free Us."

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    Re: TT Brown, a Counter-Intelligence Operative?

    Just reminding people here that Pimander is an Administrator on the Pegasus Consortium Group... so expect a certain " party line " from him. The bit about Electrogravitics being a " dead end has been something that Zorgon has spouted as his personal belief all along.... though I think that he has had a difficult time explaining it.... this bit about me "Proving that I am Linda Brown, daughter of T. Townsend Brown " is also a very old party line from them. Its tiresome.... especially when they will not face up when proof is offered because it messes up their preset agenda and propaganda.

    I am not sure where Amy fits into their overall plan but I am sure that she must be useful to them somewhere. I would have thought though that Pimander would have consulted her about his proclaimation about " Electrogravity being a dead end".... If both he and Zorgon TRULY believe that.... why have they allowed ( no.... even encouraged her.... to stage that petition? Wouldn't that make her look like a fool?)

    Of course I don't believe that electrogravity was a dead end.... it was like the Whitewater river wash that rushed down past Cabazon and then hangs a left in the desert.... and disappears underground.
    Suddenly there is no rushing water at all.... just a dry desert. Does it not exist? Was it a " dead end?" Of course not. It went underground for a purpose. Thats what happened to electrogravitation. Amy is on the right track but I do think that she has picked questionable riding partners on this quest.

    Just my opinion of course.


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    Re: TT Brown, a Counter-Intelligence Operative?

    AMY....Of COURSE its not worthless. If it was..... there would be no one out here staking their claim to opinions of it... no one would bother to even consider it... but thats not what is happening. The more someone mentions it... the more others rush to discount it.... thats not going to happen if something is worthless.

    Esoteric? Is that the same thing that one writer called " Elitist Mystical Bullsh$t? Just wondered. Linda

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    Re: TT Brown, a Counter-Intelligence Operative?

    "BUT, I do not believe that EG is worthless - and in fact, I am certain it can draw energy from the plenum. And it is for THAT purpose I seek its release.

    GO FORTH! Linda

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    Re: TT Brown, a Counter-Intelligence Operative?

    No... Esoteric as in well hidden. As for "fitting in" with anyOne's plans... Maybe I do and am unaware - but I have seen no evidence of a "plan..." I have known z from ATS for six years - We both joined that forum around the same time and generally agreed on things (though a few We did not). When I was banned from ATS, I sought out z's board, protoplasmic traveler's, and a number of others. I felt most at home at z's. And so, that is My main forum base.
    "If the universe is made of mostly dark energy...can We use it to run Our cars?"
    "If You want Peace, take the profit out of war."
    "Information will free Us."

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    Re: TT Brown, a Counter-Intelligence Operative?

    " Esoteric is sometimes connected with " hidden knowledge". Aristotle used it to describe situations that were known only by a few very dedicated students at the time.... It was my understanding that the " esoteric element" on the Pegasus Forum was what was being targeted. If that included me ( and obviously it did...) one has to ask yourself the question.... what were they so worried about?

    That we would infect their ranks with " esoterica?" <g>

    Anyway we were talking about Dads career here in a very secretive position....I asked Pimander how it was that he came to that conclusion and I am very interested to see what his answer will be. I don't think that the man takes many things lightly...

    And what you said about .... not being aware.... hopefully Amy.... you have arrived at a spot where it is much easier now for you to ask " Now WHY is this happening.... everything is not as it seems.

    Last edited by Linda Brown; January 2nd, 2013 at 09:34 PM.

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    Re: TT Brown, a Counter-Intelligence Operative?

    EG is not dead or is it?

    It depends on what a persons....I hate to use this word....agenda is.

    At the time of the cleansing...cleansing...at this point I do feel cleansed of all the egotistical individuals that have promulgated upon this forum and on the pegasus, their unique version of what they believe is truth. But then, truth is what one perceives which of course is done with according to their....shudder.... agenda. Perhaps the preponderance of the evidence suggests exactly what Linda has inferred...why are these moderators coming here from the pegasus? They couldn't wait to get rid of us. They did leave certain individuals there that came from the Cosmic Token but as to Kim, they kicked her off as well...and she never posted once. Hmmmm..there is that word again.....shudder....agenda.

    I offered the key to Zorgon on how to make a Gravitor +50% efficient in June. Perhaps that is why the "so-called" offer that I never received was made. I don't know for I am only guessing at that, only he knows the truth.

    The efficiency is now greater but I can assure you, it does not get any energy from the plenum.

    And one thing more that I have never mentioned. In the late 70's when I was working on this on my own, I was in communication with Robert Forward. It was after numerous conversations with him that events turned in my life.

    It is not "free energy" that EG will give but it can be explained in current Electronics/Electrical theory. It has to be or it won't be accepted and it will be relegated to the fringe sciences. Maybe that is what Zorgon et al is all about...they do not want it to be brought out for it will undermine the utility companies and that just won't sit well with Wall Street perhaps that is the ....shudder...agenda that the pegasus really has. I offered some very expensive dielectrics to "Playswithmachines" and he turned it down. Now, here is a person who claimed to be living hand to mouth but was intent on building a Gravitor. I felt that I could help him in the offer which was valued at over $500 American but he turned it down...why? Was he sincere? At this point and due to the noise moderators from Pegasus are making on this forum ...perhaps there is something, perhaps there is something that lies beneath the still waters on the moon...the living moon.

    Yes Linda....incoming.


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    Re: TT Brown, a Counter-Intelligence Operative?

    I will bother to read Mikados post after I put this one up.... one thing at a time around here

    AMY..... this is from a few days ago on the Cosmic-Token. I have copied it because I think that you and possibly others need to see the thoughts that are put into this message. Please tell me what your reaction is.....

    &bull; View topic - Due Diligence

    by Linda Brown » Mon Dec 24, 2012 2:19 pm

    Tecumseh and Cat.... thank you for your responses.

    I have been thinking very hard about what the responsibilities are for the generation who have followed these great men. You Tecumseh got the opportunity to spend so much more time with Beau than I ever did... and yet you and I are communicating so many years later. There has to be an over riding plan in all of that.... something that WE are meant to do that perhaps they were not able to do in their timespan here.

    I don't know if you realize this but when Beau wrote his " Hello Stupid" ( little yellow booklet) he released information that Dads " separation from the Navy" was caused by his reaction to undue stress at the time.... and according to Beau in that little book.... " Commander Brown" was " sent home to rest" for six months....

    Except that was not true. And Beau knew it. The information that he put out in that little book has been used over and over and over again by people who THINK they know about T Townsend Brown ( and that includes the story of the Philadelphia Experiment) SOME of them I believe knew that the story was a diversion and some of them simply followed those carefully placed bread crumbs into the deep dark forrest.

    Dad went almost immediately to Vega and into a highly classified section. He met Beau there... and I believe that they had ALREADY been working together in Virginia Beach. Jan and I have some leads that I believe indicates that....

    I have one of his handwritten VEGA notebooks with me now, as well as other new material that has just come into my possession.... Beau was operating under the code name " Sandcastle" at the time... for a gentleman by the name of William Stephenson. Dads main concern at the time was building a specialized Antennae..... I am not sure what Beau was doing but some indications are that he was investigating the oil dealings of Getty in Southern California.

    The questions that you and I might have now for both my Dad and Beau.... they probably would never have answered when we were face to face with them..... But I believe that the answers are out there for us... and MAYBE only folks like us... people who knew these men or at the very least were somehow spiritually on the same " wavelength" as them.

    Thank you CAT for your visions......... Linda
    Linda Brown

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    Re: TT Brown, a Counter-Intelligence Operative?

    Well said Mikado. Linda

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