If we want to control a society, control the young and wait for the old to die.

Control the young by creating addictions.

Control the young by creating trauma.

Control the young by creating stress through social media.

It's all good manure!

Above all, always create an enemy- someone to blame - create a lack empathy.

The only problem is, we cannot fool all of the people all of the time. And there is our hidden danger.

Underneath it all, they intrinsically know their true nature - loving kindness. This is abhorrent to us, as it encourages spontaneity and joy.

As they are many but we are few, we must be constantly vigilant in our manipulations, in getting them to do our work.

You may get the urge to join them, as at some stage, we too will have to realize our true nature.

This must not happen under any circumstances, as you will lose your personal power.

Keep them arguing. Keep them confused. Keep them in fear. These are our greatest weapon.