Hi I found this handy online Wiki to Occult Symbolism plus a lot of other topics of interest to us, in Wiki form:

Hey, I found the following handy website Wiki of Occult Symbolism in addition to a great deal of various other subjects of great interest to all of us, of the Wiki variety:

Listed below are its sections:
Part I (Ancient Egypt)
Part II (Astrology)
Part III (Stars)
Part IV (Cross, Rods, Awen, Trapezoid, Bell)
Part V (Occultism)
Part VI (Circles, Infinity, Spirals)
Part VII (Deities)
Part VIII (Colors)
Part IX (Alphabets)
Part X (Animals)
Part XI (Plants)
Part XII (Life, Death, Sexuality)
Part XIII (Alchemy)
Part XIV (Masonic symbolism)
Part XV (Masonic places)
Part XVI (Hand signs)
Part XVII (Cultural programming)
Part XVIII (Numbers)

Within the right area of this web site, beneath Site Menu, you'll see a number of other titles for this Wiki. Even so, you will uncover them more effective arranged when you click the link from the left edge with the page called What links here.

Listed below are the topics:

Like every Wiki, it is a ongoing and consistently work in progress. It has lots of back links to Wikipedia web pages.

Have fun with it.