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Something is happening in the skies across the planet. Masses of different planes are moving across the skies at varying speeds producing clouds that are blocking the Sun through the production of haze and clouds, which are ultimately changing our climates.

It is amazing that entering a simple search just into Google you can find 1,110,000 web results, over 186,000 images, 49,900 videos, 144 papers, 155 books, YouTube 35,800 results and 33,596 photos on Flickr… And there is absolutely NOTHING on the subject on any official weather site, nada from the Weather Office website and it is not even being discussed in any of these stealth-tax-green-eco-babble-CO2-reduction-Carbon-Neutral-treaty-summit-conferencey-lots-of-biscuits-thingy-ma-bobs.

We have never come across something that is so REAL and is literally going on over our heads, yet there is a media black out on the subject. Regardless of whether (excuse the pun) these trails and artificial clouds are full of chemicals, as some believe, or that they are just ordinary vapour, something needs to be done about it. This problem is killing our crops, wildlife including bees and our once beautiful Summers.

This Wiki is about creating the largest resource for the mounting evidence that Chemtrails do exist.