The goal of this thread is to share and gather a directory of online resources that provide high quality alternative info.

I am pleased to begin this list and welcome all additions by others. The web is an enormous place, and there is going to be websites that some of us may not be informed about and others that we could have forgoten about. (Martin Armstrong) (Darryl Robert Schoon) (or (Joseph P. Farrell)

Cash Flow with James Martinez | Achieve Radio

PAYDAY? I?m in Charge! | Achieve Radio This for websites that have been taken away / closed - but you have to know the web address. (way back machine)Transcending the Matrix Control System

Augureye Express

Barefoot's World "~encyclopedia/repository" of alternative topics/interviews/resesarchers/books

Binary Research Institute

Independent Media for Independent Minds -

Index page ? health through education - Mind Expanding Mission

disinformation | everything you know is wrong David Wilcock's site Freedom of Knowledge; The Power of Thought

- The Sphinx Stargate

Family Guardian

FreemanTV ~ Where the esoteric meets the political.


Kauilapele's Blog | Today's energies from the Cosmos? Alternative explanations for gravity, electromagnetism, etc...

Max Keiser | Financial War Reports John Lash - Archon information

Transcending the Matrix Control System

Main Page - PESWiki

PRESS Core | News, World News, Special Reports, Exposé, Opinion Polls, Technology, Health, Carbon free Energy

Project Camelot Portal Official Website, Whistle Blower Radio, UFO and ET Suppressed Information, Underground Bases, Secret Government Projects, Camelot LiveStream Channel, Blog, Archives and Special Events - by Kerry Lynn Cassidy - Project Camelot

Welcome to

Red Ice Creations

Spiritual Economics Now


The Archdruid Report

Truth Frequency Talk Radio Network

Truth Frequency Talk Radio Network

Alternative Cancer Treatments, Chronic-Degenerative Disease, Infection, Stress, Emotions

The Vigilant Citizen » Discover the hidden symbolism in music videos, movies and famous landmarks around the world repository of many alternative views and researches Mark Passio - occult/esoteric information

Law Notes -- Home Page

Earth Keeper Chronicles Monthly Newsletter ~

Home Page of Wade Frazier

BBC News - Home

Internet Talk Radio | Live Internet Talk Radio Shows - BBS

Collective-Evolution | Be Change

David Icke Website Headline News

Earth Keeper | Energy Activation of the New Planet (compilations) Freedom of Knowledge; The Power of Thought

Esoteric Tube - Free Energy and Free Thinking

Forbidden Knowledge TV

FreedomSlips Revolution Radio Home Page

Streaming Films, Original Interviews, Yoga & Fitness | GaiamTV

Global Research

Home - Gnostic Media

Welcome to in5d - UPDATED DAILY! | | Esoteric, Spiritual and Metaphysical Database |

Inverted Alchemy: An Integral Economy The works of Richard Dolan.

LII | LII / Legal Information Institute (Suzy Ward, channeler)


My Private Audio | Douglas Riddle AFV | Jerry Kane | Sam Davis | RPOA | Bank Fraud | Dave Mack | Janet Majhor | Carl Miller | Robert Fox | David Merrill | John Worrell | Michael Joseph | Trvth | Angela Stark | Dean Clifford | Robert Fox | Irwin Schif

Talkshoe Guide




Welcome to NEXUS Magazine!

Public Access to Court Electronic Records

Peter Dale Scott: Poetry and Political Writings

Red Ice Creations

RICHPLANET.NET - The Truth is Here, UFO Truth, Crimes of Government Truth (mainly focuses on health)

Sovereignty Education and Defense Ministry (SEDM)

Signs of the Times - Independent Unbiased Alternative News for Tue, 04 Jun 2013

The Spirit of Ma'at - Magazine List (videos)

The CrowHouse | A voice for the Electric Universe

How to Beat a Traffic Ticket | Eighty Five Percent Success Rate

UCADIA | Future.Life.Concepts

Internet UFO Paranormal and Alternative Radio Talk Show, Recent Sightings Of UFOs, Latest News - VERITAS Radio is Veritas Radio Network

Waking Times - Entering a Time of Natural Health, Elevated Consciousness, Sustainable Living and Total Freedom. : Waking Times Santos Bonacci - astrotheology/occult/esoteric/hermetic information

Just Wondering ? Alternative News and Opinions (or (Eric Janszen, iTulip) - Glass-Steagall fight, Eurozone mess, solution oriented - Executive Intelligence Review magazine (Charles Hugh Smith) (Professor Antal E. Fekete) (The Daily Bell)

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