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Thread: UFO Orb with Spooky Face !

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    UFO Orb with Spooky Face !

    A man from Perth, Australia posted a Video on youtube that shows a UFO Orb that appears to have a very strange face. Orbs and strange lights have supposedly been tormenting or haunting this person for a while now and sometimes these manifestations take on the shape of creatures that could be dimensional entities or possibly some kind of alien life form ???

    Phantoms and Monsters: Paranormal, Cryptid and Extraterrestrial Events

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    Re: UFO Orb with Spooky Face !

    Thats pretty a pretty creepy and cool video. Theres a couple messed up ones here. Real Alien Videos, Movies, Pictures, and Sightings|Alien-UFO-Research|
    My name is Jennifer

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