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Thread: Nibiru - UFO 2012 Mount Weather Employee CONFESSIONAL

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    Nibiru - UFO 2012 Mount Weather Employee CONFESSIONAL

    On Jan 11th 2009 This video was added to youtube from a suposive Mount Weather Employee confirming the inbound Nibiru.

    Who knows if this is real, but watch this before YouTube removes it.

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

    The view count already looks to be manipulated. As this is a big topic and everybody is searching for this right now. I have download the FLV file and am uploading it here incase YouTube takes it down.

    Download it here
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    Re: Nibiru - UFO 2012 Mount Weather Employee CONFESSIONAL

    I watched this video a few days ago on Youtube and am glad that you saved the flv file - Project Camelot has several interviews with witnesses about this subject which are well worth viewing.

    That all the planets are heating up in our solar system is food for thought = SOMETHING is heating up our planets and the sun has changed as well. Could it be that the passing of Nirbiru has caused the Worlds as the Hopi call it?

    If so, then I am sure that so many things going on at this time, spiritually, economically and all else means that we live in a time that if fantisically transformative= perhaps this is a perspective based on spiritual expansion but then that is my choice to focus within and by its intention.

    We cannot deny the leaps and bounds of spiritual growth happening in people collectively and individually for those that are open to this line of thought and experience.

    the same holds true for the opposite of negativity...it is the worst of times. In comparison I have chosen the Spiirit lol...as this is what truly resonates with me.

    Nassim Haramein did a Video about this and felt that Nibiru had come and gone

    But has it?

    This vid from Phoenix Arizona Jan 9, 2009

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