Friday, March 4, 2011

I’ve seen a lot of weird military patches, but I think that this one might take the cake. It’s related to the NRO satellite that was launched back in January, USA-224, also known as NRO Launch 49 (NRO L-49).

NRO L-49

The Latin means something like, “First Heavy from the West,” or “First Heavy from the Sunset.” This was the first launch of the Delta IV Heavy rocket from west coast of the U.S. So, that’s probably that.

But for the rest of this, they threw the WTF?! into afterburner. I’m mainly curious about that dark moon/sun/death star thing that’s partially blotting out the… Earth? Yeah, the object with the the subliminal writing in it.

Also, why is “Betty” holding a trident and a wrench? What kind of creature is Betty?

Is this also Betty on the related, “Better the devil that you know,” patch:

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