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Thread: New or old is planet in our solar system?

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    New or old is planet in our solar system?

    New or old is planet in our solar system?
    Niburu is currently perhaps the most discussed topic in the world of science, astronomers and world government.

    Professor Zecharia Sitchin is widely regarded as the greatest historian of all time. "the earth cronicles" His books "the earth cronicles" on a number of American universities and are taught in thirteen languages. Zecharia Sitchin is an expert on Sumerian clay tablets. Stichin his main discovery is that our planet 450,000 years since visited several times by the Annunaki (Those who from heaven to earth came).

    There is a list of all Sumeriers what they have invented, this is a kind of summary of our civilization. She thought the writing, the school system, etc. The second room system Sumeriers say that this civilization was taught them by creatures from heaven on the earth had ended up. The Annunaki (or giants) are the inhabitants of the planet Niburu, the tenth planet in our solar system. Every 3600 years, this planet with its oval orbit around the sun, close to us in the neighborhood. The clay tablets show that the human race by the Annunaki to their image and likeness created. Zecheria Stichin has never been officially named a date for the return of Niburu. Yet he seems convinced that Niburu return. The return of many Niburu will mean a new beginning.

    2001: Large object discovered orbiting sun. In the year 1987, NASA made an official announcement regarding the existence of a new planet. On October 7, 1999 a British scientist discovered the tenth planet. This concluded his study of 13 comets whose jobs were disrupted by a large unknown planet in orbit around our Sunday in the journal Science, the Dutch astronomer 'Govert Schilling "an article that began as" comet rate reflecting mysterious planet "Discovery News reported in June 2001: Large Object Discovered Orbiting Sun Scientists in Russia have held meetings in 2000 where it was gediscuteerd on this planet was discovered by 1 of Russia's largest observatory. Dr. This led to the 2003 problem. Top officials suggested a committee together to the (problem) to investigate. Dmitriev shows that all the planets in our solar system remarkable changes. Zoals: Like:

    Mars: the atmosphere is considerably thicker become (twice as thick)
    Monday: starts to get an atmosphere composed of sodium. Dmitriev said: "around the moon is a 6000 km thick sodium layer, this layer has never been measured. The film is new.
    Earth: in upper layer of the atmosphere is starting to form HO gas, gas is here in this quantity is not to be.
    Venus: marked increase in brightness and clarity.
    Jupiter: large energy emissions that ionized radiation tube observed is formed between its moon Io. This energy beam has been recently photographed.
    Also, the magnetic field more than doubled.

    Investigations indicate that Uranus and Neptune have recently undergone a polar shift. When the Vogager 2 passed Uranus and Neptune showed that the northern and southern magnetic poles were moved. After measurements revealed that the poles 40 to 50 degrees were shifted. This is a significant change from the rotational pole.

    The return of Niburu and the effects of this appearance have been widely reflected in our historical writings of The Bible, Hopi legends, Maya survivors, Sumerian writings, etc. They describe all three days of darkness. This is explained by the enormous gravitational effects of the magnetic field of the planet Niburu , These effects make sure that the rotation of the earth about three days to stop. It should be clear that we are talking about a huge planet. The effects of gravity and magnetic fields of the planet are enormous, the surfaces of other planets is completely disrupted as Niburu pass.

    Across the world we growing disturbances in weather patterns, thus harvests fail. The activity of volcanoes has greatly increased. Earthquakes are frequent and are heavier, 7.0 on the scale of richter the rotation of the earth is gradually slowing, the sea level rising, forests are dying off. Many species are now threatened with extinction. .

    Brief indications of possible return of Niburu are found in abundance in our daily lives. Is it not time to be aware of the time in which we live ??????

    Why do the media and politics hide this.

    Imagine now agree that this actually comes out (life on another planet who comes to earth) than the whole world is suddenly presented to us for all these people in tatters. All world leaders are losing their dominance because of their universal and natural gaps in knowledge. It is ultimately all about power and money. And the rich science, world leaders not to bring this out because they are afraid of mass hysteria. "We and many of us worldwide, these topics outside because everyone is entitled to the truth.
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