The following is interviews not long ago i came across showcasing Augusto Perez, some kind of christian prophet. he talks about what is actually to arrive 2011/12, what "god" informed him, that of a good friend regarding his validation with regards to comet elenin, a couple of things about the nwo and more. disregard the spiritual flavour if it's not for you though the info is very worthwhile and for me the idea verified a few points, specifically comet elenin, the actual prophesied 3 days of night (while & the reason why) and returning world alterations. it's very lengthy however really worth your time and energy i do believe.

here's far more stuff via him (i haven't examined the other interviews however)

As well as the following is a number of information on another prophet, Siener Van Rensburg, which predicted the devastation associated with okazaki, japan from earthquakes, among other things who have currently visit move. also worth it to read. unsure when any one it has been posted already.