PPE- Psyops Project Elenin

The Psyops Project Elenin: Has been linked to a psychological warfare operation – intended to engage public fear using The Near Earth Orbit Comets Elenin, Levy and Honda (which will pass near Earth in the Fall of 2011) the project is part of a up and coming test and environmental attack on specific human settlements and populations using the HAARP Weather Warfare System.

You know that's the one that uses radio waves to heat the ionosphere and change weather patterns, the system is so backed that they made everyone change the frequencies of the television stations so they have no potential interference in their applications.


Is The White House Letter A Smoking Gun that Elenin is a threat or is it a Psyops Promoter?

On Oct 15, 2010, the White House issued a letter highlighting the hazards of near earth objects including comets. One fair interpretation of the White House letter is that it’s timing may be part of the Comet Elenin Psyops.

This 10-page letter has been out on the web since October 2010, which proves that US NASA and the White House know about ELENIN and consider it “a real threat”

"The terminology used in this letter, will lead one to believe that our 'shadow' government and elements within NASA have long known that anticipated effects of the arrival of Comet Elenin would indeed be much greater than they are telling the public.

Gentlemen start your engines…

The time is now…With Elenin, Levy, Honda and “Bart Simpson Gordon” coming to a planet near you, these signs and wonders in the skies, will be fuel for the drum beating propaganda screaming pickpockets to point their fingers up to the sky, and have everyone look up while they smilingly fleece your wallet.

This “Wag the Dog” effect has been working so well for so long, it is a mainstay in the bag of tricks, the political magicians constantly use…

Re-election time…= weapons of mass destruction, or oh we are at war you shouldn’t change the pretzel-dent during war, ETC.

Now through shadow government Psyops Blogger’s under the guise of freedom of speech, or informing the public, and you have the perfect storm, with these blogger’s misinformation being used to bug out people and get then to trust the local bully for protection.

Seriously if a comet is going to hit the earth, then there is noting anyone can do but get right with GOD.

BUT no such thing is going to happen, DON’T PANIC, be wise in knowledge and faith.
With the threat of increasing our taxes trillions of dollars, the EU dropping like a dead bird, wars and rumors of wars throughout the middle east, now is NOT the time to be looking to the skies, now is the time to be putting the corrupt government officials in jail.

If YOU cheat on your taxes what will happen? YET… the government is talking about no tax returns, cutting the governments social security bank account, YES the governments, all that money we have all put in, since 1935, every working American every week for 76 years. GONE…and what about those that died before they got to collect, where is their money?

They are just going to take it all; they are not satisfied with the double dipping for 76 years the greedy want it all.

Now is NOT the time to be looking up, unless its in prayer, this is the time for the capital hill crooks to be put in jail…

Watch what’s next…when you voice your constitutional free voice you will be considered an extremist or enemy or the state and stuck or “detained” in the brand new FEMA interment camps that are going up all over the country.

Here is the 10 page White House Letter’s link, read it for yourself…

And the next time you read some pseudo-science wannabe’s comments, or some other joker’s misdirection.

Question what their agenda really is?

Is it to gain knowledge?

Or to cause mass confusion, and even the deaths of the weaker minded?

This is more like an attempt to derail the train of thought, and stop the movement forward?

Speaking of which here is the White House Near Earth Object Letter LINK