The majority of you understand the Swiss bank note with Elenin/Nibiru/Dwarf Star/Wormwood...well anything you want to refer to it as!!

Anyway this chap has been doing some investigation about the Swiss Bank Note with a few interesting info...


Elenin is a very dangerous cosmic object. Sometimes we need to watch what an object does as well as watching the object while looking for clues. Elenin is not visible to the naked eye, but does appear to have an EM effect on our solar system at distances of 14+ AUs. Elenin is also dangerous because it is a long period (10000+ years) comet whose tail the Earth passes through. Comets are not balls of ice and dust like Nasa states. Nasa will not release this information because there is absolutely nothing anyone can do about it except panic. Sit back and enjoy the ride and be thankful to be alive in this time to bear witness to this event.


"The drawing by Leonhard Euller constructed over 330 years ago signifies an event occurring on September 26, 2011 "