Fake or not this is quite clever

A huge RED "X" on the Bering Sea, located right above the Aleutian Islands. A NASA link image 11133 kml. direclty on Google Earth. What the hell is this. Why a direct link with Comet Elenin. Is this an impact debris location or what.

The Goggle Address States Maps-Mars.

Watch the video below and please do try it ,afterwards leave your comments below .Lets try to figure out what is really going on here together.Is it really a Impact location or just another turn to throw us off path? You be the judge!


If you cant follow the vidoe follow this below

1. search google for elenin site:nasa.gov

2. then replace elenin with 11133

11133 site:nasa.gov

3. then click into the google earth site, (kml file)

11133.kml wow :thumb: