For me it's a combination of things,
feeling a bit late, unproductive,
you see a lot of that, running
then following, whatever it is
they do when put in situations
and given one thing that sprouts
the horns of a general wound.
I don't have it, but there it is,
we're supposed to and I don't,
or even know what it means
given the fluid event, so I feel
it's a combination of things,
essentially all of them, gone.
I see it often, from a good ways off,
not realizing it but there it is
like a special body of armed men
over the horizon, multiplying,
and for much of the weekend
it's like this, sluggish, intimate
phrases that authorize night
so that even if it's over I'm happy
with the desire to pursue it again,
a kind of slashed leaf or wheel
added to the litany,
one of those things you start off
without and over the week restore.