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Thread: Sleepy eyes, pen in hand

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    Sleepy eyes, pen in hand

    Hours before dawn welcomes the day
    My dreams of soaring free
    Vast vistas of forest and rolling hills
    As far as my eyes can see
    Riding aloft upon warm whispering winds
    Blowing westward they carry me

    During the balmy midday calm of my dream
    I am grateful for what they allow
    Sometimes seeing you lounging by a shaded stream
    From my perch upon an oak bough
    Your smile giving comfort to this wandering soul
    Far from where my body sleeps now

    In evening an eastward wind shall carry me back
    To the sleeping body my soul left behind
    Yet upon awakening I see that it is early morning
    Another grey day, cold, dreary and unkind
    Attempting to describe this dream in poetic words
    Before it swiftly fades again from my mind
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    Re: Sleepy eyes, pen in hand

    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing!
    Go through your life with love and light, and nothing can truly harm you.

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