I had to pay one thing and another taxes
and debts and the cable television bill
the city was always too spread out for me

I didn't have the time to pay it all if I were a millionaire
I would hire a delivery service with a courier
but I have to go in person to the banks and offices

I didn't make it to the teller on time and had to wait
until the following day the following days multiplying
exponentially I don't know what this could mean

Money money that dirty and obsessive thing or dirty
because it's obsessive and above all because it's lacking
or lacking altogether or lacking in the desired amounts

There is an odd relationship between money and desire
and need I won't be the one to examine this in depth
these questions that should interest the Professors no end

A Peruvian writer used to say that money
does not produce happiness but rather produces
a state so similar it's hard to tell the difference

I guess that's a pretty good joke but money
is the "nerve of war" the most bloodthirsty abstraction
the most powerful weapon the conclusive argument

I write poems so that among other reasons I don't have to
sing songs to money but as you all can see up there at the top
it says Song of Money it was bound to happen sooner or later