[Note the sky, the voice said. Some say]

Note the sky, the voice said. Some say
the poem can read it. One line might start
the cloud thing. It's possible nimbus
means quick, that cumulous layers up

a lifetime of sorrow. But they all black out.
And release their rain. Their pyromaniacs
do lightning down, in a jag, a razorblade.
Stop! she said. I know all this. Jeez.

Because it rains, the voice said. It's raining
right now. And somehow that river
takes back those tears. But fish are key,
fish so stupid about it, their dull glittering

where it's shallow and light gets through.
Light? she said, you said clouding up a storm.
You said the world goes dark. What else
in there I can't see? All this roundabout.