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Thread: With God in the Morning

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    With God in the Morning

    I can't go back to sleep,
    so I weep, listening
    for a rhyme.

    For example, the morning dove sighs deep in my backyard.
    She doesn't sing.
    The Jehovah's witnesses rap at my door. They don't ring

    my bell, in whose metal the word "peace" is cast.
    How sweet are these witnesses, who stand at my threshold
    and do not pass through, who honor you with formal dress,

    expectant, smiling, their leaflets and Bibles held to their hearts.
    They apologize for waking me,
    though their mission is to wake me,

    and leave me
    with a little flier about why to read your word.
    They promise to return, just as you did.

    They know your name is Jehovah, but I wonder
    if you are a supernova contained
    in each letter of scripture

    or are you my Casanova, wandering across the globe,
    entering so many souls with your flesh and blood,
    pouring your light into their mouths with a kiss.

    I make coffee because I will not sleep.
    How can it be that I am not unique?
    How can it be that I am what I am

    just like them, who know the answers so well?
    And now—Holy Christ!—the phone rings as if to answer
    my disbelief in answers.

    National Geographic offers me a free satellite map,
    a gift I can keep, if only I will give a chance
    to a DVD of their highlights through the decades.

    A map from space!
    Could the charted world make me
    a way to travel to you?

    Would you take me
    in your arms again and again
    would we ascend to heavenly realms?

    I tell the woman reading from her script
    that I don't think I will accept her gift
    and my ridiculous voice cracks

    at the thought that I might have told your witnesses
    the same, just as I beg now for forgiveness
    and ask, please don't call again.

    That's okay. You're okay, she says, blessing me in her way.
    Have a good day.
    And then, dear God, I hang up the phone.

    In a perfect world, our dreams will be fulfilled. There would be no hard work or planning ahead, because everything you want would be given to you. In the real world, where we all live, rewards must be earned. The problem most people have is in the day-to-day details of accomplishment. Accomplishment takes a lot of time, sacrifice and effort, and that’s the real rub for a lot of people. But, as Abraham Lincoln once said, “The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.”

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    Re: With God in the Morning

    i just don;t answer my door.. lol..

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