One day passes after another
Secretly, something approaches you
Sitting, walking
Watching the leaves drop
Watching the rain fall
Watching as someone walks down the street
Summer is still very far away

It happened so fast, vanishing at birth
All that is good entered on an October night
So beautiful, entirely unnoticed
A great serenity like your clean cloth shoes
The past, vague and gentle, lingers by the bedside
Like an old box
A faded bookmark
Summer is still very far away

Meeting by chance, perhaps you can't recall
It was a little cold outside
Your left hand was tired, too
Secretly you walked all the way to the left
Far away, deep in
The sole infatuation of your heart
Summer is still very far away

Never again easy to anger, easy to love
To take up those old bad habits of yours
Losing heart with each passing year
A small bamboo house, a white shirt
Are you in the prime of life?
Seldom can a decision be made
Summer is still very far away