I was reading Stuart Wilde's website and came across this article.

Life with the Reptiles.

David Icke talks of humans that shape-shift into reptiles so I asked him if he had ever seen it happen and he said he had not. But it’s always been my policy to believe in everything until I can prove it wrong, so I believed Icke.

Then a few years alter I watched as a woman went into a reptilian transformation in front of my eyes. It took several minutes. First her chin took on a snout-like form then she got sharp teeth and finally her spine went zigzag looking like a dinosaur’s. Then she turned and grinned at me the most evil grin I’d ever seen, the fact she seemed to be dripping slime from her jaw didn’t add to the appeal of it, not one jot. So then after that I believed Icke’s reptilian thing-full tilt.

I then did some seminars at a castle in France - they were just small groups of thirteen people each time. There I met some ice-cold humans pretending to be normal. They didn’t shape-shift but touching them in the Morph I could feel the depth of their evil. Interestingly, all the truly possessed ones were good talker and very social, the lady that did the shape-shift I just mentioned was very social and very well educated and polite. The reptiles can hide. But in the Morph peoples’ faces go through many shifts in just a minute or two and all the ones that are demonically possessed seem to have a red left eye. It gives them away.

Some people have geometric ghouls that have jumped into their belly or upper body, but the full-blown reptiles are more rare. One lad told me he had had a reptile in his belly for eight years and that it caused him pain, sadly I had to tell him that I don’t do reptiles, the Morph is my only expertise. But I got in touch with a shaman for him that goes into the aluna mirror-world and sucks them out. Ghastly work.

But the interesting thing is that the dark is being exposed and more and more people are showing signs of demonic possession so I’ve started doing a study into it, to see what might be done. Using a bit of New Age hocus-pocus or various spiritualist passes doesn’t usually work, as the reptiles are far too clever for that. You have to be able to go into the mirror-world to get them in that dimension, as that is where they are from. They have been hiding ten thousand years so it’s no simple process.

The first thing I learned is that the ice-cold humans don’t want to be fixed (they like the ice-cold world it makes them feel special) and so that makes it doubly hard. But I did feel sorry for one lady that had been demonically possessed for five months. The being inside her was slinging her around and attempting to kill her by trying to push her out of a high window. She managed to fight back.

Anyway, I lent her the black light pen that comes from www.heavylight.de that had the minus quantity in its resonance. It strips electricity from humans and entities and she used the pen and that was the first night sleep she had gotten in a long time. So that might be the way to go. Interesting a nightclub bouncer told me he uses the black light pen to strip bioelectricity from drunks to stop fights breaking out at the club. It seems to really work.

The human reptiles are everywhere and they look so very normal. It’s a hidden evil walking amongst us, one that we have to love and tolerate until we have the power to confront it head on. As it says in the Matrix film, “When you see an agent, run”. Good advice, tacking evil is a losing sequence. Your safety lies in warmth and non-contact.

Stuart Wilde :: Life with the Reptiles