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Thread: Warrior Sage

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    Warrior Sage

    “Spiritual people” don’t usually think in terms of fighting and if you have not processed your shadow very much, or if you can’t see in the Aluna Mirror-World as yet, you may not be aware that here is an Armageddon going on right now. But those influences will be pushing on your even if you are not aware of them. But if you ever move up even a slight notch in your awareness the Aluna ghouls will come towards you as sure as eggs is eggs. They hate humans and they don’t want anyone escaping the Matrix of their control and the fear-based Empire they sustain and the ugliness in the world that they promote.
    They hate humans and they don’t want anyone escaping the Matrix of their control and the fear-based Empire they sustain and the ugliness in the world that they promote.

    So this section is for fighters and it is mostly about protection and how the love of God in the end sets you free. It is also about discipline and the Force of Will. I’ll get some of the legendary Aluna fighters I know to post here about what they have done and what fights they have been in. And we’ll get ‘em to tell us how to stay ever more calm when faced by ugly people and difficult situations. Stuart Wilde

    The Collapse of Tyranny
    by Stuart Wilde

    If you like my strange tales from the Aluna worlds you’ll like this one it is so mysterious. Over a series of days the Sacred Beings in the Aluna took me to see how tyranny will collapses in world, there seems to be various forms of these spectacular ego-deflations some more serious than others.

    They showed me a businessman I know, who is very evil. He buys distressed properties for next-to-nothing for cash from people who have run into difficulties, he makes millions from people’s misery. He is the archetypical New Age Nice Guy; cheesy demeanor, little shirt with a crocodile on it, compulsive liar, nose-in-the-air, whiter-than-white, callous, racist, controlling and stinkin’ rich—American yuppie, rags-to-riches, milkin’ people while pretending to help.

    The Beings asked me if I’d like to see this man’s offices. I was taken into the building via the Aluna at 3 am in the morning. There were wriggling black tubes from floor to ceiling entwined with each other of what we call the black fractal codes, and there were ghouls so thick I could hardly move around the building very much at all.

    I was getting very sick, I had to fight in there just to win a little room in which to stand up as I was being suffocated by the ghouls and the thickness of the fractal tubes, which were a scary red and black in color. They look like thick hose pipes. They were wrapping around my legs and body like coiled snakes. I held steady it’s best not to panic.

    Up high to my left I saw a silver and gold light, one of the Camelot Queens was over the building standing sixty-foot high. She is a human but she exists in the Aluna Camelot worlds as well. Even though I was inside the building the ceiling morphed and disappeared, so I could see her and the night sky quite clearly.

    She started to fire the Om and Ka pulse, the same pulse that is in the Sulis Stone, she fired it downwards into the offices. Normally the black fractal tubes have a mind of their own, they act coherently as if programmed but as they got hit by her light their symmetry broke down and the mechanism of their effectiveness and control became ever more spastic. They ran slower and slower and some of them that were ‘round my legs started to untwine.

    Then I saw an image of the boss-man his face was most devilish really grotesque, he looked in agony. He knew his empire was crumbling under his nose and there was nothing he could do about it. Finally, I became aware of his workers, sitting at their desks or wandering about the hallways. There was about seventy of them. As the Om and Ka hit them they all froze like a figures held in a snapshot in time.

    A woman in her forties walking in the hallway carrying a folder was frozen with her leg in the air between one step and another, she looked really weird she stared in the distance with a blank expression, her skin was pale and unreal like that of a wax figure in a museum.

    People at various desks froze with their fingers on their computer keyboards, while other on the phone became frozen to the plastic handset. Nothing moved anymore and the black fractals ground to a halt, there were no more ghouls and no more motion anywhere in any of the rooms and hallways. It was a dead zone, all still.

    I wanted to get out of there but the Beings made me stay a while longer; I watched all around me as the place was engulfed by a darkness and in minutes I could not see up the hallways anymore, the offices were pitch black, as if enveloped in a cold black fog.

    The Nazi-style controller that owed the joint Mr. Cheesy-Grin-I’m-Perfect was immobilized he could take no actions or move about anymore. I wanted to know what would happen to him in real life and the Beings showed me a kind of poison in his blood. I wondered if it was leukemia but I could not tell, I didn’t know, it seemed like he deserved the ugly blood, as he is so ugly and merciless himself.

    I said a short prayer, a bloody short, and then I got hit by forty pulses from the Camelot Queen that was still standing over the building, she was radiant gold, blue and purple and the pulses were gold and in them were little bursts of light that looked to me like diamonds.

    I was released. I flew up upwards from the building and slightly backwards and as I looked down at it from above it looked like burnt paper when it is very dry and crisp and black.

    Then the Beings took me to see a man being arrested in the streets of a major city. Another bent businessman I have had the misfortune to deal with at times in my life. There were Nazis in the street and people with guns like civilian vigilantes. They were carting Jewish people away, he’s Jewish so he got tossed in the truck with the others. It looked bloody scary. But he wasn’t an innocent victim of a new Pogrom just his karma had caught up with him. Remember, I have said before karma is very precise. There are no clerical errors in the karma department.

    Then I was taken to behind a pillar in the Vatican. There I found another of the Camelot Queens, she is an older woman in her late fifties very full of unconditional love and very radiant. She smiled and said nothing. She is very humble and very brave.

    I got the feeling she would take out the pope by exposing him but not yet. She was waiting for something. I was not sure what to do so I just stood in front of her watching to see if any trouble developed, we were close to Michelangelo’s Pieta.

    I realized that these exercises against tyranny that I was shown where an extension of another series of visions I had six months ago where I saw that the bewitchments and the evil of sexual abusers of women and young boys would be wiped out by the Solar Logos.

    Essentially, the Aluna fighters, which are almost always men battle their way into a situation killing many of the ghouls that protect the resident evil there. Once the men are in and they hold even a small area of the territory, like when I got into the offices and I held just a few square yards that is usually enough.

    So no matter how entangled I became by the blacks snakes of the fractal codes I didn’t get scared or give one inch of ground. I taught that ‘stand your ground’ trick to the other lads that fight.

    Once the fighters are established in the target area the Camelot Queens can safely approach and stand over the place and pulse it with the Om and Ka taking it to its final entropy, its heat death.

    Fascinating, a huge moral boost. When I was a young man I was very greatly influence by the war poet Rupert Brooke’s poem The Soldier. In that poem he writes of a pulse of the eternal mind by which all evil is shed away. It was a prophecy I reckon, one that came true. Wow.

    Evoking the Pulse

    I can evoke the pulse in people. It is mostly the women that get it, a few men have it but they have to be very noble and very pure.

    But for the ladies to hold the pulse long term so they can use it for healing and these other uses mentioned above they have to have certain qualities.

    1. They have to processed their shadow and gone beyond resentments and fights with their men, or fights with their gay partners. They have to be independent and pure and they have to go past antagonisms and jealousies with other women.
    2. They have to be selfless but because modern women are often egocentric and self-obsessed this issue of selflessness is where they fall to a lower level of resonance that won’t sustain the pulse.
    3. They have to be brave and steadfast. They can’t get scared or drift off on a tangent whenever it suits them to do so. And of course they can’t play games and manipulate people as they so often thrill to do.
    4. There has to be a great charity in their hearts not just for their children but all children.
    5. They usually will have taken Ayahuasca as that teaches them to stand fearlessly across two worlds. But there are Camelot Queens in the Aluna with the pulse who have not taken Aya’, so it is not absolutely compulsory. And there are Camelot Queens that I have seen in the Aluna that I have not met in 3D. One is an Irish singer and another is an American actress and another is a woman about thirtyish that I don’t know at all.

    So this story is part of where the Solar Logos went so far and how the pulse developed from it and what it was used for. And Richard Tyler and I made a music album to evoke the pulse called “The Mystery of the Sacred O” and that will be out before the fall of ‘09 so we’ll see how many more ladies graduate up to the Om and Ka level.

    The end of evil is in sight as nothing can survive the pulse it is megatons of radiance. I saw a dodgy Third World politician getting hit in the Aluna they died here in 3-D three days later. And another utterly evil man also got hit and he didn’t die but he has been exposed and he is very close to being deposed of his seat of power. (sw)


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    Warrior Sage

    Spiritual Practices 1
    Stuart Wilde

    I'm compiling a list of fifty spiritual practices for my Stuart Wilde :: Official Author Site site... they work for protection mostly... tried and tested... here is one that is very beautiful. This will knock ya socks off.


    The Dies Irea

    Lay down head to the north feet to the south facing up. Visualize winged angelic beings all around you, above you and below you, under you through the floor. This is important as much trouble and evil from the Aluna comes up through the floor, as well as to your right from the direction of NNE when you are facing north.

    The evil is up 17 1/2 degrees from the level plane. It is a dimension of hatred and jealousy and self-importance that I named "17-up-right". We term hyper-state dimensions we see from the directional vectors they are on, like the UFOs come from a vector at SSW that I named 240-down.

    Play the video (for the sound track) and meditate to it asking for protection, it's about 6 min's+ long. When you are very relaxed or deeply in trance ask a question but only one and write it down before you start. Make it short. Long rambling questions never get an answer.

    Where do I go?

    What do I do?

    What about the bloody boy friend?

    Then wait for what you hear or whatever "download blip" you might get that you unravel in your feeling later.

    Pray for protection at the start of this and be humble and pray for forgiveness for your crimes.
    © Stuart Wilde 2009 - Stuart Wilde :: Official Author Site

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